Wednesday, March 25, 2015

CSET Multiple Subjects Study Guides

Alrighty folks, it has been a while since I've done an original post. One of the main reasons why I was absent the majority of February and March was that I was preparing for my CSET exam. For those that don't know, the CSET is the California Subject Examinations for Teachers.

Since I want to get my credential for special ed in elementary school, I had to take the multiple subjects test. This exam consists of three subtests with seven different subjects: Reading/Language Arts, History, Math, Science, Physical Education, Human Development, and Visual Arts. This is perhaps one of the hardest tests that a person has to take in order to receive an education degree.

I was dreading it. Not only was it more expensive, but I was terrified in taking all the subjects. It didn't help that I signed up to take all three subtests in one taking (there's the option to take them separately). Why did I do that? Well, I thought I could have everything set for the fall semester's deadline.

In order to get myself prepared for this examination, I turned to my local library. Luckily, my library system had a few CSET study guides.

The first one I had my hands on was McGraw-Hill's CSET Multiple Subjects.,204,203,200_.jpg
This guide was a very compacted edition of three different example tests. It also included explanations and notes on what would most likely be in the exam. This book was a great starter to help me study. 

However, I found many typos and wrong information throughout the book. Sometimes it gave the wrong answers.  Also, the compacted style of the book made studying tedious. Everything was small and squished together. The organization made it hard to focus. I only stuck with this book because I was waiting for the other study guide to arrive at the library. 

Not everything was bad, though, because it did give me a sense on what the CSET consisted of.,204,203,200_.jpg The next one I used was CliffsNotes CSET Multiple Subjects

I wished I had this book longer and I wished I received it first than the other one. This study guide was double the size of McGraw-Hill's and was better organized. It still consisted the same number of sample tests, but it had detailed explanations. What I loved best about this book was how it was laid out. Information was either organized in outlines, bullets, or in boxes. It was visually pleasing and made it easier for me to gather information and stay focused. 

It also came with a CD-Rom to use on my laptop. The CD had the same sample tests but it was in the format on how the actual computer test was supposed to be. It gave me an idea on what to expect when taking the test. 

I received this book a week-in-a-half before my exam. If I would have known how great this book was, I would have bought it in the first place and simply stuck with it for studying.

With all that being said... I took my test. I now have to wait a few more weeks to receive my test results. I try not to think about it much because I become anxious.

I would like to tell you guys that I did great and it was a breeze but then I'll be lying. The test was gruesome. I even had a small panic attack. 

I have to keep reminding myself that I did my best. I just hope the test results are not as horrific as I think they are. 

Well, let's see if I was able to overcome one of the hard steps in becoming a teacher.  Until next time!


  1. Nice to hear from you and glad you checked in!! Good luck... I'm keeping my fingeres crossed that you passed with flying colors!!

    1. Crossing my fingers and toes too! Thank you so much!

  2. Wow, you have been one busy girl!!
    Good luck babe!
    You would make a GREAT teacher!