About Me

Hello Everyone!

I am Vonnie from California and I absolutely love books! It is strange just how much I love books because nobody in my family really likes to read. In fact, my mom detests books. If you try to make her read anything that's longer than a paragraph, she'll most likely throw a tantrum.

I've always wondered where I got my obsession with books. Spanish was my first language and I didn't learn English until I was 6. Even then, my reading comprehension skills were completely low until I started middle school, then I became average. I didn't start to become obsess with books until I was 11. 

Along with books, belly dance is another passion of mine. My world surrounds this beautiful ancient art and I cannot live without it. Belly dance is much more than what American media portrays it as. It is a celebration on how great women's bodies are no matter what age or shape, and it's an art form that portrays what Middle Eastern music and culture is like. If I'm not working or reading, I am most likely dancing. 

Well, that's all for now!