Sunday, September 4, 2016

Little Free Library Adventures #3

Hello everyone! I have been occupying myself with work, dance, and of course school these past few weeks. I have not been able to focus on any reads or writing any posts since there has been so much on my mind lately. But I figured that I should at least post one of my Little Free Library adventures that I had a couple of weeks ago. 

My good friend got married on August 20th in Santa Barbara, California. I made the two hour trip to witness my friend's most memorable day as well as be part of her wedding (I was a bridesmaid). My plan was to drive back home that same night but my mother forbid me to do so in fear that I would be too tired to drive home. So, the good daughter that I am, I decided to listen to her and found an hotel in Ventura (it was too expensive to stay in Santa Barbara for just a few hours of sleep). 

I have never been in an hotel room all by myself before so I was excited to take advantage of it and try to sleep in. However, my busy mind did not allow me to. I was up at seven in the morning and couldn't find a way to relax until checkout time at 12. By 9 am, I couldn't stand the quiet and the thought of being alone in a strange room.  So I decided to look up the LFL map to see if there were any stops nearby. There sure were!!! 

The map showed about 10 LFLs in the Ventura area. There were four of them in the same neighborhood just five minutes away from me. Since I now carry a bag of books in my trunk for trading (yup...I'm a nerd), I quickly packed up, checked-out from the hotel, and began my search. And boy, I sure found some good books!

First stop:

I almost didn't see this one because it was covered with bushes and parked cars. Upon a closer look, I was surprised on how cute it was and how many good books it had.

I decided to take these three books on top and left behind three of my own.

Second stop:

Wait...two Little Free Libraries in the same spot?! I really loved how these folks arranged it. The library on the left was filled with children's books while the one on the right were books for adults. I was even tempted to sit on that bench but I didn't because I didn't want to appear like a weird person sitting on someone's property. lol

However, I did walk away with these two books on top while leaving behind three of my own.

Third stop:

This next one was at a house adjacent to a park. It didn't have as many books like the other two stops but I figured it must get a lot of traffic from those going/coming from the park. I only took one book and left two books. There was even a group of little kids on their bikes watching me exchange my books. I felt awkward as they stared at me. I smiled at them and quickly walked away. 

Last stop:

This stop was a tricky one. The LFL map did not have an address but it did mark it on the map. I had to read the map the old fashion way to try to figure out where it was located by reading the streets and counting the blocks. When I found it, I was stoked. It was cutely painted and it was filled with such awesome books!

I wanted to take all of the books but since I only had five books left for traing, I only took these five. The Pendragon one was a box set of the first three books. Yup. A box set!!!

I am so glad that I decided to be a book nerd and find these libraries instead of trying to sleep in my hotel room.  

I can't wait for the next adventure! But first, I need to get some reading done! Oh yeah...and homework too. :/


  1. What a serendipitous end to your trip!

  2. OMG so adorable! I have never seen one of these in real life before - just on the internet LOL

    It makes me want to put one up in my city!

    I know its a day early but I am going to be very busy tomorrow! XXX Muah!

  3. What a great book haul! So cool that you found these libraries. Hate that you did't sleep in though.