Saturday, August 22, 2015

Children's Book: Owl Moon by Jane Yolen

I am back to work since our school system started last week, which means that I'll be reading many children's books again! :)

Late one winter night a little girl and her father go owling. The trees stand still as statues and the world is silent as a dream. Whoo-whoo-whoo, the father calls to the mysterious nighttime bird.

But there is no answer.

Wordlessly the two companions walk along, for when you go owling you don't need words. You don't need anything but hope. Sometimes there isn't an owl, but sometimes there is.

My Thoughts: Have you ever wanted to go owling? Owl Moon told the story on how a little girl experienced owling for the first time with her Pa. I enjoyed the story and its illustrations. 

This was a lovely story told in a simple yet poetic manner. The imagery from the words helped paint a picture for the reader. The sense of quiet, being in a calm environment, and sharing a special moment with her father was evident with the wonderful descriptions. The language that was used helped emphasize how special going owling with her Pa was for the little girl.

The illustrations were beautiful. They went with the story and helped create the mood that the story portrayed. The only thing about the illustrations was it does not stand out to the young students as much. I noticed that this book was constantly missed on the shelves since the cover didn't stick out to these young readers. This book would only be read if the teacher picked it up to read to her class. However, it doesn't mean that it's a bad book. It still had beautiful illustrations.

Overall, this was a sweet story of a young girl having a special moment with her father. I enjoyed the poetic language that was used and I liked the gorgeous illustrations. This was a book that an adult would highly appreciate but would most likely be lost to young children, unless it was being read to them. I rate it: