Friday, July 15, 2016

Little Free Library Adventure #1

I used to visit a Little Free Library behind our Herbie's store years ago before I knew what Little Free Libraries were all about. I thought it was just a neat way of sharing and trading books for free that the store created. However, I stopped visiting Herbie's once Sprouts opened up in my area and I completely forgot about the book trade...until I visited the blog, Captivated Reader.

When she visits a new area, Captivated Reader likes to stop by the nearest Free Little Libraries. I thought this was a neat idea! I commute and travel often, so I should do it too!

Being inspired by Captivated Reader, I decided to blog my little adventures as I visit these cute little book stops.

My first neighborhood (sorta)!!

When I looked up on the Little Free Library site to check for the nearest libraries, I was stunned to see how many there were.  So my sister and I decided to hit four for now on our way to a cafe.

This one was our first stop:

La Mirada
This was the cutest one that we saw! I liked how the owners advertised their little stop with signs and I thought that their decorations were adorable! They also had wonderful books available so I had to control myself by only getting two (don't worry, I put in four books). 

The first two books that I got
Next, we traveled seven minutes for this one:

This one too was cute. I especially loved the little bell attached to the top. This one had a lot of children's books. Luckily, I had children's books to trade with as well.

I put in three children's books (because they were short) and got this one
My sister and I then proceeded to drive another five minutes to the next LFL. This one didn't have an address on the site but it was posted on the map. Luckily I knew the area, which made it easier to locate. 

This one was not as eye catching as the others and the window was dark. We had to walk up to it to see if there were any books inside. We then noticed that there were adorable pictures painted on the sides of the box. I was able to trade three children's books for the one book below.

I do like shoes :)
Our last stop was only another five minutes away. This one had so many books that the owner had a basket in front of the little house. Also, there were lollipops inside, which my sister was very excited for. 

La Habra
I was excited to see some romances by my favorite authors. And sister took a candy. 

This was so much fun!!! My sister and I were inspired to go back home and look through our shelves for books that we no longer need. It also inspired me to log back on to and start registering my books there again, especially since I still have book plates left. 

I have a month left of vacation before I have to go back to work. I have a feeling that this new addiction is going to keep me busy for the rest of my summer. :D


  1. OMG, awesome post!! That's sooo cool you were able to find so many awesome Little Free Libraries near you and cute ones at that.

    I've read The Mermaid Chair and loved it and I have The Night Circus in my massive 'to be read' pile!

    I'm an avid Bookcrosser since 2007 and have been happily leaving books I've registered on Bookcrossing in the Little Free Libraries... I am hoping that someone will make journal entries for the books I've left inside the Little Free Libraries as I find it fun to see where the books travel to and what the readers thought of the books I've left.

    1. Yeah, I've been a member of Bookcrossing since 2008 and I was very active. I was disillusioned for a while when I didn't see the majority of the books being journaled. I stopped participating for almost three years. However, starting these Little Free Libraries adventures is getting me excited about tracking the books again. :D

      Btw, I am looking forward to all of my books, especially The Mermaid Chair, The Night Circus, and Cold Hearted Rake.

      Thanks for stopping by!!!

    2. I've been discouraged by the lack of wild releases not being caught as well. I've traded a lot of my books with other Bookcrossers through book boxes, bookrays, Bookcrossing meet-ups, or wishlist requests! Then my books get journal entries and frequently are passed on to other readers.

    3. Bookcrossing meet-ups? Boy, am I missing out! lol