Saturday, July 9, 2016

Summer Reading Program 2016

Have you joined the Summer Reading Program at your local library? 

I know many libraries hold the annual reading program and the one here at the Los Angeles County, it has upgraded. What do I mean? Well, it is more interactive for the adults now. :D

I remember being envious of the awesome children's and young adult's programs that the libraries ran. These programs had games and neat prizes for the non-adults. The only thing that the adults had were review opportunities with the chance to earn either a pen or a mug. At the end of the program, about 5 adults from ALL of the LA County's libraries will win an iPad. Do you have any idea how many libraries are in LA?! Jeesh.

Because of this, I so desired to be under 18 just so I can participate in the games and have the chance to earn free books (Yup, the kids got free books!!!). lol

But now, it's different this year. Like I said earlier, the adult program has upgraded:

Online dashboard

Not only do the adults still get the chance to review and earn the same type of prizes (except now they have cool tote bags!!), but there are missions and games online as well! The online dashboard keeps track of the participant's progress: how many books one has read, how many missions have been accomplished, and what games have been played. As a participant achieves a goal, a badge is rewarded to them. Also, there is a "Leaderboard" that keeps track of the points received from books read. Pretty neat, huh?

I've been lagging with my reads, but this year's summer program as helped push me back to my books. And...I am loving the prizes that I have earned this year:

Tote bag with drawstring
Multicolored pen and pin

Let's see how many books I'll be able to accomplish by the end of the program. :D

Are you part of the Summer Reading Program?


  1. I live outside of a very small town, so no reading program for adults. There is a lovely one for children though and the librarian brings in guests with exotic animals to show and entice the kiddos.

    1. :(

      At least there's a program for the children. I've heard that some small towns don't have reading programs at all.

  2. No adult reading program at ours either. My daughter would have done the child's one but she is already into chapter books and they only count book number instead of page numbers for her age group.

    1. That's a bummer. I believe the one at my library counts both pages and the number of books read. I'll have to look into this.