About Me

Hello Everyone!

I am Vonnie from Southern California and I absolutely love books! It is strange just how much I love books because nobody in my family really likes to read. In fact, my mom detests books. 

I've always wondered where I got my obsession with books. Spanish was my first language and I didn't learn English until I was 6. Even then, my reading comprehension skills were completely low until I started middle school, then I became average.  

Along with books, I love to belly dance. I haven't been as active in it for the past couple of years due to personal things, but I don't plan to quit it. When I dance I feel free, strong, confident, and joyous. 

Another thing I'm obsessed with is hiking. In 2019, my husband and I completed the 52 Hike Challenge for the first time despite my medical issues! Hiking is our favorite activity to do together. 

Well, that's all for now!