Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Audiobook: The Collective

By Alison Gaylin

Read by Laurel Lefkow

Duration: 9 hours

How far would a mother go to right a wrong?

Camille Gardner is a grieving and angry mother who, fives years after her daughter's death, is obsessed with the man she believes to be responsible.

Camille wants revenge.

Enter: the Collective.

A group of women who enact revenge on those who have taken their children.

But as Camille gets more involved in the group she must decide whether these women are the heroes or the villains.

And if she chooses wrong, will she ever get out alive?

Monday, July 18, 2022

Little Free Library Adventures #16


It has been a while (a year in fact) since I've done one of these. Here are some LFLs that I encountered during my Colorado road trip a few weeks ago:


Saturday, July 2, 2022

Review: Heartstopper 1-4

 A friend let me borrow books 1-4 of the Heartstopper series. Here are my thoughts on them: 

(Slight spoilers ahead)

 Volume 1: This was an introduction to the two main characters, Charlie and Nick. Charlie was the shy, skinny student that came out the previous school year. Nick was the popular rugby athlete. These two started to talk and began a close friendship. It was cute to see how these two young men bonded and became affectionate to one another. I really liked how Nick did his best to stick up for Charlie.