Saturday, February 1, 2014

Children's Non-Fiction Review: A Drop of Water by Walter Wick

Synopsis: The most spectacular photographs ever created on the subject of water appear in this unique science book by Walter Wick. The camera stops the action and magnifies it so that all the amazing states of water can be observed - water as ice, rainbow, stream, frost, dew. Readers can examine a drop of water as it falls from a faucet, see a drop of water as it splashes on a hard surface, count the points of an actual snowflake, and contemplate how drops of water form clouds.

My Thoughts: This was a very neat book. I came across it over at one of my co-worker's bookshelves in her classroom. The cover immediately caught my attention because of the cover. Water art really catches my attention so I immediately picked this up. I was completely captivated by it.

This neat book gave intriguing information about water. It described and gave examples of the different forms of water as well as what what one can do with it. Though these were scientific based, all the information was written in a simplistic way so that anyone could understand it, especially children. Challenging words were explained and it did not feel as if this was a science text. It might not have given the exact details of what water is comprised of, but it gave the gist of it. 

What I loved best about this book were the images. Walter Wick is a very talented photographer. Not only were the photographs in the book amazing, they captured the true nature and beauty of water. As a visual learner, it was great to be able to see what the text was talking about. Also, these images that were used were not small and few; there were images on almost every page, and they were big. This book completely held my attention from beginning to end because of the photography.

At the end, I found myself loving this book. I showed it to a few students and they too were captivated by it. They admired the pictures, which encouraged them to read the information to learn more of what the images were about. I want to add this book to my collection. I rate it:

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