Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Review: Outcast by Cheryl Brooks (18+)

Synopsis: Sold into slavery when his planet was destroyed, Lynx was enslaved in a harem. He is a favorite due to his feline gene, which gives him remarkable sexual powers, but after ten years, Lynx is exhausted.
Thrown out without a penny, Lynx is bitter and anti-female. He emigrates to a new planet but can only find a job with a female rancher.
Bonnie's boyfriend has left with all their money and she needs help with the ranch. Lynx is cynical, but honest, and though he has made it clear that he wants no part of a romantic relationship, Bonnie can't resist him. She finds out about his impotence and becomes determined not to let such a beautiful and sensual young man go to waste...

My Thoughts: Oh, The Cat Star Chronicles. It's one of my favorite romance/erotic series. This fourth book in the series took a different perspective that I enjoyed: it was in the third person point-of-view versus the first and it had a more serious tone to it. 

The story mostly followed the two protagonists, Bonnie and Lynx. Bonnie was a strong-willed person who was betrayed by the man she thought she loved. What was very interesting about her character was that she was six months pregnant at the start of the book. It was surprising at first to find out about this since I'm not used to reading these kind of characters in erotic fiction. However, I found myself loving the idea of a pregnant woman still being able to find love and be able to experience sexual passion. Next, Lynx was the tragic hero. He was mistreated and sexually abused for ten years as a slave. His experience had traumatized him to the point that he despised women. My heart completely went out to him. Lynx's character showed that men can too be sexual victims.

Throughout the story, there was much tension between the protagonists. I came to sympathize with both Bonnie and Lynx. I kept rooting for them to immediately hook up but at the same time I wanted them to slow down so Lynx could be healed. When reading the scene with the fire, I was gushing. I absolutely loved the emotions that came spilling out. It was the perfect way for these two lonesome characters to have their first kiss. 

Though this was an erotic book, it read more like a romance. It didn't have as many sex scenes as the other three did. It was more emotional than anything else. I appreciated that since it made Bonnie and Lynx's relationship sweeter and realistic.

Unfortunately, this book would have been perfect if it weren't for the last part of the book. Jack, Cat, Leo, and Tisana from the previous books made an appearance . It was great to see them at first since it felt like old friends coming for a visit, but their scenes were too long. The scenes deviated from the main purpose of the story. Also, I did not care about their sex scenes. They were unneeded. I found myself skimming through these pages. I would have liked to have seen more of how Lynx saved Bonnie from someone in her past and I would have enjoyed that the epilogue were a little longer since it was very cute.

Overall, I liked the book because of the two main characters. They were unique and were a refresher as to what I'm use to reading in romance/erotic fiction. The relationship between Bonnie and Lynx was very genuine. I just wish that the last few pages were done a different way. It was a great read though. I rate it:

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  1. I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed this book despite the last few pages. :)