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Blog Tour Review + Giveaway: Changeling K.R. Wilburn

Title – Changeling

Series – The Siofra Chronicles 

Author – K.R. Wilburn 

Genre – YA Urban Fantasy 

Publication Date – 5/2/14 

Length (Pages/# Words) – 239/80k words 

Publisher – Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing

Cover Artist – Stephanie White of Steph’s Cover Designs


All college Freshman Cassie Marshall has ever wanted was to be brave enough to find her own place in the world without her friends or family choosing for her. When she wakes up on her nineteenth birthday in a parallel world she feels she may have finally glimpsed her true purpose. She learns that she is a Changeling with the ability to pass through the Dreaming and into the Otherworld. Now she has one year to decide whether to forsake her destiny and remain a mortal, or to sever her ties to become an immortal Fae, standing guard over the dreams of sle eping humans.

When other changelings go missing, whispers of a dark and shadowy threat begin to spread through the Fae courts. There is an Erlking, an elf twisted by thousands of years trapped in the mortal world, hun ting down the changelings where the Fae can’t protect them and draining the magic from their souls. Cassie is thrown into a race against time to decide what she wants most before it finds her and devours her soul and takes away her choices for good.


MY THOUGHTS: There haven't been many fae stories that have impressed me much. This one on the other hand has. This was a unique fae story. The originality of it grabbed my attention. It was a very exciting read. 

The thought of Cassie having to make a life changing decision by the time she turned twenty and being in danger in the mean time had me on edge. I kept wondering what she would decide and how it would affect her and the people around her. As the events unfolded, I kept changing my opinion on which world I wanted Cassie to be in.

An aspect that I found enjoyable in this book was the love triangle, which was surprising. I usually don't like love triangles, especially in YA. Here, it was depicted well. I was not sure who to like for Cassie at first, Dom or Aleksander? Each man had different personalities that were both positive and negative so it made it hard at first to decide whom I liked the most. Towards the end, the revelation of one of these character's was a huge shocker. It had me thinking back on this character and trying to make sense of things. It definitely made me realize which boy I liked the most.

To be honest, I was not too sure about my feelings of this book at the beginning. It started off as an easy and fun read with the humorous comments made throughout the start. However, I was a bit confused on the emotions portrayed when Cassie met Aleksander. It sounded very odd how being a changeling was revealed to Cassie by Aleksander. Cassie acted too calm for me. It made me feel that learning about her true identity was not as important. Should I have been surprised, alarmed, or excited? This was lost on me. Fortunately, the story began to pick up and I was caught in the action that quickly made me forget my confusion on the lack of emotions. 

As a whole, this unique fae book had me captivated. Yes, it did not have a strong start for me, but the rest of the book was exhilarating. The character reveal was the best part. I rate it:


For Changeling it was:
Passenger – Let her go

The Fray – Love Don’t Die

Katy Perry – Unconditionally

Lifehouse – Only You’re the one

Lawson – Learn to Love Again

Secondhand Serenade – Fall for you

John Legend – All of Me

October Fall – Second Chances

Zedd- Clarity (This one was on repeat through many chapters)

Muse – Madness

One Republic – Burning Bridges

The Fray – Be Still

Katy Perry – Roar

Eminem – The Monster

The music I listen to changes depending on what I’m writing and what emotion I’m trying to convey.  I’m heavily influenced by music so while I’m writing it’s like composing a sound track. 


Muse: Madness

Sara Bareilles – King of Anything

Second Chances – October Fall

Imagine Dragons – Bleeding Out

The Wanted – We Own the Night

Erato – Call Your Girlfriend

Lana Del Rey – Dark Paradise

Jason Mraz – I won’t give up

Zedd – Clarity

Imagine Dragons – Radioactive

Sooner of Later – Matt Kearney

Be Still – The Fray

One Republic – Feel Again


KR Wilburn was born in Northern California and has traveled the world with her family but currently calls Fairbanks Alaska home. A veteran of the United States Army, she began writing as stress relief and found she truly enjoyed it. As the mother of six children and the wife of her childhood best friend Ben she enjoys being able to hide away in the other worlds she creates. When she isn't writing, she is busy reading everything she can get her hands on and counting down the moments until she can find inspiration capturing the perfect Aurora through the lens of her Camera




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