Sunday, July 6, 2014

Book-to-Movie: Catching Fire (2013)


 Francis Lawrence


 Simon Beaufoy & Michael Arndt


 Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth

My thoughts:
I'm a little late about this review, but at least I'm getting to it :)

I first saw this movie when it came out in the movie theaters. I was very much impressed with this film versus the first one. I was mostly stunned on how better everything looked. I recently watched it again for the second time and I was able to concentrate more on how the movie compared to the book.

First off, the casting was phenomenal. I enjoyed everyone's acting to bring each of the characters from the book alive. Jennifer Lawrence did a superb job in portraying Katniss. Her emotions were more intense in this film. Donald Sutherland gave another wonderful performance. He brought out the sinister side of President Snow making Snow a very evil character. Some new actors that I enjoyed were Sam Claflin playing Finnick and Jena Malone playing Johanna. They were excellent in their parts and made Finnick and Johanna very fun to watch.

Everything about the movie I quite enjoyed: from the cinematography to the emotions it portrayed.  The attention to detail was better made in this one than in The Hunger Games. I especially liked how the people of the Capitol looked in this one. Next, the emotions were strong in this one. My eyes watered more than twice as I was caught up on how unjust this world was.

Now, how does this movie compare to the book? Well, I think it did a pretty darn good job. Yes, there some changes that happened in the film but they were not as huge that would make me cry out against it. The only thing that did bother me, though, about the film was Peeta's character. In the book, we get to see who Peeta really was and how important he was to Katniss and to the rebellion. In the film, he was toned down and was mostly seen as someone who stood to the side. Now what I did love about one character change in the movie was Effie's character. In the film, we get to see how "human" she was. Even though she was all about the fashion and was from the Capitol, we end up seeing that she too was against the Hunger Games. In the book, this was not portrayed as much.

As a whole, this was a very enjoyable film that made me tear up a few times. It was not the book 100% but I think it still made it justice. I am quite looking forward to the next film.

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