Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Book Tag: 7 Deadly Sins

I was tagged by Christina at Booksane to participate in this book tag.

How it works:

There's seven questions, each representing a 'sin' and I have to answer each 'sin' with a book(s). 

Okay, here goes...

1. Greed - What is your most inexpensive book?  What is your most expensive?

Does free count? lol
My most inexpensive book would have to be 10 cents. My library has these book sales where you pay $3.00 for a paper bag and you can fill it up with as many books as you can. I think I once walked out with 22 books. 

Most expensive is probably the special edition of Lamb by Christopher Moore. I think it was $30.

2. Wrath - What author do you have a love/hate relationship with?
It would have to be Anne Rice. I absolutely loved Anne Rice when I was younger and I devoured her Vampire Chronicle books. Lately though, I've been having a hard time getting into her newer books. Because I am devoted to her, I still buy all of her works even though I find myself struggling to read them.

3. Gluttony - What book have you devoured over and over with no shame?

That would have to be Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux. I tend to read it at least once a year. I've been Phan since I was little and I can't seem to get enough of this tale.

4. Sloth - What book have you neglected reading due to laziness?

Gosh...the rest of the Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon. I've only read the first three and have re-read them recently as audios, but I am having a hard time picking up the fourth book. It doesn't help that it's 1000+ pages (as well as the other books in the series) and the in-depth detail of history that Ms. Gabaldon goes into really makes me hesitate. I love the stories though. I simply love James Fraser.

5. Pride - What book do you talk about most in order to sound like an intellectual reader?

Hmmm...I guess any of William Shakespeare's plays or any books by Jane Austen. However, I don't think I use books to make myself sound intellectual since I have a hard time using fancy words in my discussions.

6. Lust - What attributes do you find attractive in male or female characters?

I really enjoy reading characters that are strong, whether they are male or female. With females though, I like independence, wit, and intelligence. With male characters, I like them to be brave, kind, and mysterious.

7. Envy - What book would you most like to receive as a gift?
Book...can it be books? I really want the new edition of Harry Potter books to add to my collection.

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  1. I really like these memes. They are fun and they are a neat way to express oneself.

    Because of all the used books sales the most inexpensive book question seems a bit difficult to answer.

    1. Yeah, these memes could be fun.

      And I agree...I had a slight difficulty in answering the first question.

  2. I've been sooo tempted to get the new Harry Potter editions, but I'm pretty sure Dave would physically restrain me at the checkout line.

    http://lisadancingbookworm.blogspot.com/2014/09/the-bookish-seven-deadly-sins-tag.html Here's my 7 Deadly Sins Post

    1. Maybe you should order the books online so he doesn't have to restrain you ;)

  3. Alright, I am glad I spotted your post and checked it!!! I loved reading it..... And at the bottom I noticed that you tagged me to participate in the 7 Deadly Sins challenge.... Now to put on my thinking cap!!

    I like The Outlander Series too!! Cheers and happy reading!!

    1. Yeah...I was going to comment on your blog to let you know that I tagged you but then I fell asleep. Glad you stopped by!

  4. As an FYI, my Seven Deadly Sins post is on my book blog! Please check it out when you have a moment! http://captivatedreader.blogspot.com/2014/10/book-tag-seven-deadly-sins.html