Friday, July 24, 2015

The Beautiful Cerritos Library
Image from City of Cerritos
I am lucky to leave 20 minutes away from one of the most amazing libraries: 

The Cerritos Millennium Library
(or simply...The Cerritos Library)

The Cerritos Library was built in the 1970s with the latest technology in Cerritos, California. Remodeling of the library began in 2000 and was completed to the astounding library that it is today in 2002. According to Wikepedia, "It was the first building to feature an exterior clad with titanium panels in the United States." It has a wonderful garden with fountains outside, has themed rooms, high quality artwork, and other eye-pleasing architecture. 

Book bench by fountain
Zen Fountain with Koi

When entering the library one is immediately captivated by the view:
Image from the City of Cerritos
 It's definitely not your traditional library. It almost has a mall feeling to it. To the right of the library you have The Reading Room, to the left the Children's section, and upstairs is the computer lab with study rooms. 

The Reading Room

My favorite room in the library is the Children's section:

Saltwater Aquarium

Entrance to Children's section

Inside the Children's Library
Here's what the library has (with the help from Wikepedia):

Children's Library


It contains the saltwater aquarium that is visible from the main entrance as well as inside the Children's Library. The aquarium holds all sorts of sea life and are continuously rotated. This section also has a lighthouse where children can read, a model space shuttle, a fossil replica of T-Rex named Stan, a little theater where movies are shown, an arts & crafts room, a rainforest with noises, a night sky theme, a help desk, and computer workstations. I love to just sit by the lighthouse and observe the atmosphere. 

Old World Reading Room


Another room I enjoy because of its antique feel to it. It's themed after 19th century European elements and  contains leather bound books, rare first editions, a fireplace, study spaces, and chandeliers.  There are also tables for "serious" study. This is my "go to" place when I want to some reading on a hot day. 

Main Street


This is where the circulation desk is located. It houses a local history room and a souvenir store. It has a modern feel to it. 

Great Room


I hardly go to this room but it is themed after "the unique Craftsman carpentry style." In this section you'll find paperbacks, periodicals and newspapers. There are also Internet Express stations here.

Not to make this post any longer but the library also contains a Teenage section (it has very comfy chairs to sleep...I mean read), a Fiction room, and a high-tech 21st century computer lab with non-fiction books as well as private study rooms.

This library is sure a gem and I am so happy to visit it whenever I want. 

Cerritos Library Site

What do you think of it?


  1. Wow, that is beautiful!!!
    I love that book bench!!! I want one!

    1. Right?! I barely noticed the bench this last week that I visited. I immediately ran and sat on it. I want one in my backyard.

  2. Oooo, what a beautiful library!! You're so lucky to live so close to it!! I'd want to visit this library all the time if I lived near it. :-) Thanks for sharing pictures and information about the Cerritos Library.