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TBR- UnEnchanted: An Unfortunate Fairy Tale by Chanda Hahn

“Not every tale has a happy ending. In fact, many of them are grim.”
― Chanda Hahn, UnEnchanted
Mina Grime is unlucky, unpopular and uncoordinated; until she saves her crush's life on a field trip, changing her High School status from loser to hero overnight. But with her new found fame brings misfortune in the form of an old family curse come to light. For Mina is descended from the Brothers Grimm and has inherited all of their unfinished fairy tale business. Which includes trying to outwit a powerful Story from making her it's next fairytale victim.

To break the fairy tale curse on her family and make these deadly occurrences stop, Mina must finish the tales until the very Grimm end.

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My Thoughts: I started this book with caution. I haven't had much success with young adult books lately because I get easily irritated by the immaturity of characters, the instant love or love triangles, or the unbelievable heroic descriptions of the young characters. I was not sure what to expect with this book but I forced myself to keep an open mind. Luckily, I became sucked into this book.

I was not expecting myself to enjoy the story and characters as much as I did. The plot was engaging. I wondered how the fairy tales were going to be interwoven in Mina's modern age. The idea of not knowing how many stories Mina had to conquer without getting herself killed and passing the curse down to her brother was a bit terrifying. I understood why Sara, Mina's mom, tried to run away from the Story.  Unfortunately it caught up to them.  

Mina was tired of moving and decided to face the Story and try to defeat the curse, which made me love her character. At first, her character was the typical awkward teenager who had a crush on the most popular guy. Once Mina showed how brave she was by deciding to prevent the curse from going down to her brother, I could not help but cheer her on. She was able to get out of her comfort zone just to ensure her brother's safety.

Now, usually I roll my eyes when the shy teenage girl gets the popular guy at school but in this book, I found myself hoping that it would happen. Brody was a sweet character and I thought that he was what Mina needed to help her come out of her shell. I did not realize how much I liked these two characters until I came to the bittersweet end. Yes, my heart broke a bit. I hope I get to read more about these two in the next book.

Another character I found fascinating was Jared. He was a jerk but he was caring. He was also mysterious because he did not explain why he showed up to "save" Mina nor explain how he was tied to the Grimmoire, the book that helped the Grimm decendents from the Story.  I have to admit that I was afraid that it would become a love triangle between him, Mina, and Brody. Luckily, it didn't. Jared was simply there to be Mina's unwanted protector. However, I have a feeling that Jared will mean something more to Mina in the rest of the series. 

The downside about this ebook edition was that it had many editing errors. The first few pages were covered with misspellings and grammatical errors. It almost made me want to stop reading because I found myself obsessing over the mistakes. But I forced myself to get past it and soon I became immune to the errors. Yes, I was able to ignore the majority of the editing mistakes because the story was too good. 

To sum up, I was surprised on how much I enjoyed this book. Despite the editing mistakes, I was able to become absorbed into the story and appreciate the characters. I am actually looking forward to reading the next book in the series. I rate it:

This was voted to be my TBR read for June.


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