Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Eyes of Kid Midas by Neal Shusterman

Again...I've been lagging with my reviews. I did not log in to blogger in over a week. Since I read this one a while back, this will be a quick review. I

 What if a seventh grader could have everything he wanted? He'd make ice-cream cones materialize out of nowhere and zap up every video game he'd ever wanted, right? But what if he was also tired of being bullied and all it took to change that was to put on a pair of sunglasses? Kevin Midas's new look is more than just for style -- he's out for revenge!

My Thoughts: I have enjoyed reading Neal Shusterman's books before. So when I came across this book at a library book sale, I quickly snatched it up. This was a quick and easy read meant for middle schoolers, but even the older folks could enjoy this one. 

This story was about the consequences of power hunger and greed. I liked how Shusterman was able to create a character who was desperate to be liked by his peers but in doing so, he ended up creating chaos to his world. The tumultuous affects to all of Kevin's wishes and decisions were perfect reminders as to why we must come to love ourselves. Yes, our life might suck, but it doesn't mean that we are not already blessed. 

Though this book did not have me at the edge of my seat like the other Shusterman books that I've read, I was still able to enjoy it. I liked the plot and I was satisfied with the resolution. This would be a fun book to share with preteens. I rate it:

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  1. Sometimes the books that don't leave us at the edge of our seats are the best books to read. Glad you enjoyed it.