Sunday, June 4, 2017

#ShelfLove Challenge 2017: Mid-year Check-in

The #ShelfLove Challenge 2017 is co-hosted by Chapter Break and Second Run Reviews.

Okay...This is embarrassing. I hardly read books from my shelves these past few months. In fact, I've only read 2. Yup, 2...,204,203,200_.jpg 

Newes from the Dead by Mary Hooper

8: The Untold Story by Michael Mullin

I know that I was busy finishing up my credential program, so my personal reading dwindled down tremendously. If I did read, it was mostly audiobooks I checked out through OverDrive. However, I want to remedy that! My original goal for this challenge was to read between 11-20 and I plan to finish within that range.

Looks like I have lots of reading to do this summer from my shelves. :)

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