Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Audiobook: Married by Morning by Lisa Kleypas

Read by Rosalyn Landor

Catherine Marks has been a companion and a governess to the two youngest Hathaway sisters for three years. Though she appears to be a spinster and looks older, she is actually pretty young. Catherine disguises herself in order to protect herself from her past. Though she is living with a secret identity, Catherine loves her life with the Hathaways and loves everybody in that family, well, except for Leo.

Leo is the only brother in the family and he is the oldest. He has inherited the Ramsay estate after the last one died due to the Ramsay curse. After years of alcoholism due to the loss of his fiancee, Leo has found a new entertainment in his life, Catherine. Leo loves to torment Catherine and is always trying to find a way to pick a fight. Unfortunately, Leo soon learns that his Ramsay name is at stake. He has five years to get married and produce an heir before he and his family lose the home. Of course Leo finds out about this after four years in residence, so he only has one year left to try to save the Ramsay home. Leo does not want to marry but having Catherine near is making him think otherwise.

This is the 4th book of The Hathaway series and by far it is my favorite! I was dying to get to this book because the relationship of hatred between Leo and Catherine was introduced in the second book, and I kept wanting to know what was going to happen between these two. Leo is absolutely funny on how he torments Catherine, and Catherine knows how to stand her guard and disarm Leo. I kept wanting them to fight more than reading about them kissing because what came out of their mouths was absolutely hilarious! Of course, the book has its serious parts and these were good too. I also loved how the book ended as well.  All of this was presented spledidly by the narrator, who has also done the other three books in the series. This is a must read!

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