Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Audiobook Review: Book of Fate by Brad Meltzer

Read by Scott Brick

On the day that President Manning is to give a speech over at a NASCAR event, Wes Holloway's life is changed. Wes is the President's personal aide and he, along with the President and the President's best friend, Boyle, are in the presidential limousine. When exiting the vehicle, a crazed killer shoots at them, permanently scarring Wes and killing Boyle.

A few years later, Manning is no longer president. Wes is traumatized but still continues to be Manning's personal aide. On a trip to Malaysia, the unexpectable happens...Wes sees Boyle exiting Manning's dressing room.
                                    * * *
I first read The Book of Lies by Brad Meltzer in print a few months ago and I really liked it. When I saw the audio book for The Book of Fate at the library, I quickly grabbed it.

I greatly enjoyed the suspenseful plot line and how all of the events unfolded. It kept me wondering exactly what the secret was behind the "3" and trying to figure out the whole Boyle "murder." The events towards the end had my heart bumping faster than usual.

I also came to learn a few facts about the presidency. I had no idea that former presidents still use the title "President" and people still call them "Mr. President." Also, I had no idea that the secret service still guard presidents after their presidency ends. These facts were quite interesting.

All characters were intriguing. I felt completely sorry for Wes and just wanted the best for him. I was also rooting that he and the reporter, Lisbeth, will get together. But of all the characters, the one that gave me the creeps the most was Nico Hadrian, the shooter. He is a major psycho who believes God speaks to him. My skin crawled a few times because of his actions.

In all, I greatly enjoyed the book. It would have been a five star but the constant shift of characters had me rewinding a lot just so I could comprehend the story. The reader of the book did a swell job though. He kept things lively. Plus, I really liked listening to the suspenseful music at the beginning and end of every disc.

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