Friday, March 14, 2014

Taking a Small Break

It's that time again when I am preparing for another big show but this time I am taking a break from blogging. It's a small break though.

These past three months have been super busy as my dance sisters and I rehearsed 16+ hours a week, got costumes made and ready, and got ourselves into shape by getting healthier. 

My reading and online time has been dwindling down as the show crept coming closer. I have fallen behind on many of my reviews, which I promise to catch up as soon as the show is over. 

The show is Sunday, March 23rd. Yup! That's around the corner! Eek!!!

In the meantime, I will be gone until March 24th (except for the 18th for a book spotlight post). Be prepared to be bombarded with posts!

Take care, wish us luck, and happy reading!!!


Listen to one of the songs that I'll be dancing to- Moon Over Ala Nar

Are you in Southern California and looking for a nice evening of food and dance? Then visit for show tickets.

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