Sunday, August 3, 2014

Bellydance Evolution Presents: Alice in Wonderland

Last Friday, August 1st, my dance sisters and I attended a wonderful show presented by Bellydance Evolution, Alice in Wonderland. This was one of the few moments where I was able to combine my two passions: belly dance and books.  It was wonderful to experience Lewis Carol's book come to life in a beautiful art form that I absolutely love.

I very much appreciated how this show stayed true to the classic. Though there wasn't any dialogue, Alice's story was told through dance and music. The important characters such as Alice, the White Rabbit, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, the Duchess, the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, and the Queen of Hearts were recognizable. Each dancer was able to portray his or her character very well. They each had their own solos to bring their characters to life and had the chance to show everyone their dance styles.

I was very much captivated by the costumes, lighting, and the different styles of dance. The costumes were not too extravagant. They were elegant and simple. They had the right amount of sparkles to shine on stage. Next, the lighting fit each of the dance numbers. It did a great job in presenting the moods in the story. Though this show focused a lot on belly dance, it did include pop, Iraqi dance, flamenco, and interpretive dance. It was fascinating to see all these dance styles and was excited to see that they were executed marvelously.

 (Pictures courtesy of
Sharon Kihara as the Caterpillar. She was my favorite.
Lauren Boldt as Alice, Heather Aued as the Mad Hatter, and Danielo Mendes as the White Rabbit

The magnificent Jillina Carlano as the Queen of Hearts

The White Rabbit showing off his moves.

Though these pictures were taken in a photo studio and on an indoor stage, my dance sisters and I were able to witness this gem in the Ford Amphitheater in Los Angeles. This was my first time watching a show in an amphitheater so I was a little nervous at first because the stage was outside. We've been having horrible hot weather here in California so I thought it was going to be an uncomfortable experience. However, the weather was beautiful and the outdoors gave the show a beautiful ambiance. I would definitely come to another show here.

Ford Theater courtesy of
Overall, I was glad I was able to attend this show and be able to share this moment with some of the closest women in my life. Bellydance Evolution contained the most amazing dancers and they have inspired me, along with many other dancers, to thrive more in our dance. I hope to catch another of their shows again and maybe it will be based on another book. :)