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Children's Book: Leo Superhero, A Sunday Morning Adventure by The Brothers

November 28, 2013
3 - 11

A great adventure children's ebook : Leo’s Sunday Adventure begins early one Sunday morning when everybody is asleep. His cat, Milkshake, wakes him up and leads him to the kitchen where he finds something special. This is the beginning of Leo and Milkshake’s short adventure in the house and the back yard. This is a wonderful story for children.

The story teaches children the importance of patience and love of others (they will meet a cat that does not always chase mice) and they will learn how Leo improvises, creatively using objects that he has learnt about. 

My Thoughts: What does a little boy superhero do on a Sunday morning? Well, he and his cat save troubled mice. Mice? That's right. Mice. This was a cute book with very eye-catching images.

The story of Leo and his cat, Milkshake, was entertaining. I enjoyed the fact that Leo had a superhero outfit that included Lego gloves and a motorcycle helmet. It really showed the innocence of young boy's imagination when it comes to imitating superheroes. Also, I liked how he had a cat who helped him out to save the mice. I kept expecting Milkshake to somehow start chasing after the mice. 

The illustrations in this book were vibrant. The colors went well with the story. I especially love the colors of the cover since it makes Leo appear very heroic. 

Though this was supposed to be an inspirational book, I felt that the theme fell a little short. Yes, it did show patience and the love of other creatures but I would have liked to have seen more of this. I had to read it twice because I felt that I missed the theme in my first read. However, it's still a wonderful read.

In the end, this was a delightful tale of a little boy and his cat doing heroic things. The story was cute and the pictures were beautiful. I rate it:

*Received this free ebook in exchange for an honest review*

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