Saturday, November 29, 2014

Children's Short Story: Walking on Daddy's Feet by Jason Sandberg Walking on Daddy's Feet (99cents Short Story)

October 7, 2014 
3 - 8 

 "99 Cents" showcases the exclusive short story “Walking on Daddy’s Feet,” a lovingly illustrated rhyming picture book. "99 Cents" is also an introduction to the pet dinosaurs, pixie wings, and resourceful heroines that populate Jason Sandberg's eBooks.

My Thoughts: I was splendidly surprised to see this book being gifted to me by the talented Mr. Sandberg. I've always enjoyed his books and his artwork, so I was very eager to read this one. 

This was a sweet short story of a little girl who walked on daddy's feet. I absolutely loved the rhyming as the story took the reader from scene to scene to all the places and seasons that father and daughter walked at. Though it was a very short story, it still warmed my heart to read about the bond that this little girl had with her father. 

The illustrations captured the love between the father and daughter very well. The pages were filled with gorgeous colors and the details of the clothes and backgrounds were very intricate. However, the only thing I did not like was the little girl's face. For some reason it bothered me. Her face did not match her little body and her smile was too big. This did not stop me from reading though. Everything else was wonderful.

As a whole, I highly recommend sharing this with young children. It's very cute and heartwarming. I rate it:

*I received this ebook from Jason Sandberg for an honest review. Thank you!* 

About the Author:

Jason Sandberg, born in Minneapolis in 1971, acquired a love of drawing after discovering the artwork of Jacob Kurtzberg. His paintings have been exhibited in Minneapolis and Manhattan. Art Historian Scott McCloud classified his work as uncategorizable. “I’m a Fine Artist who also wants to produce the ‘missing books’ from my childhood, the books I wished I’d had.”

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