Sunday, September 27, 2015

Banned Books Week 2015


As many bibliophiles already know, it's Banned Books Week! 
This is the time that we exercise our freedom to read! Don't allow anyone tell you what not to read. 

Visit or ALA's Banned & Challenged Books for more information.

Here are some of my favorite banned books:


Many people are celebrating their right to read in different ways. There are even giveaways happening!

banned books giveaway hop

Make sure you check out BookHounds & I Am A Reader to enter the various giveaways. 

Happy reading!!!


  1. Happy reading to you this week for Banned Books Week!! Which banned book will you be reading this week?

    1. Great question! I have no idea, lol. I am debating whether I want to re-read a favorite of mine or if I should give an unread one a try. I will only be able to squeeze in one book for this week so I need to decide fast. You?

    2. Captivated - What are you reading this week? I am reading LOLITA!!!

    3. The goal is to star and finish Forever by Judy Blume this week.... But I have a busy week ahead as I am registering for classes and starting school this week and all that goes along with that... So may not have much time for reading this week with all the busyness going on.