Saturday, September 5, 2015

Guess What September Is? It's Library Card Sign-up Month!

That's right. 
September is...

Library Card Sign-up Month !

Public service announcement featuring Snoopy: What's cooler than being cool? Having a library card. Get yours today.


Snoopy is Honorary Chair for Library Card Sign-up Month 2015!


I've actually picked up the special themed bookmarks over at my nearest library without realizing the meaning behind them. The only one I don't have is Charlie Brown. I need to go back to get one. 

As a book lover, I absolutely love visiting my local libraries. I believe libraries are just wonderful places. In fact, I visit four different ones at a regular basis. I have my library cards for years now and have utilized them very well. 


Do you have your library card?


Visit the American Library Association for more information.  

And a special thanks to Carmen over at Carmen's Book Adventure, for sharing this information on her blog. 


  1. Since I'v moved to Northern California, I have yet to sign up a library card... I keep meaning to do so as our public library is about a half mile from our home.

    1. You don't have a library card?!
      *jaw drops*

      Girl! Go get one!

  2. UGH!
    Does this mean that I should finally venture out and visit the library in my new hometown? Its right in the middle of the city, parking is a nightmare! I keep wanting to go... but...

  3. Girls! Get thee to the circulation desk!! Pronto!! There is very little better than a loaned book, even in e-reader format. Love my library!

    Thanks for the shout-out, Vonnie!!