Sunday, December 27, 2015

Audiobook: Mr. Miracle by Debbie Macomber

Here's the second Debbie Macomber book I listened to:,204,203,200_.jpgRead by Elyse Mirto
Duration: 4 hours 55 minutes

Harry Mills is a guardian angel on a mission: help twenty-four-year-old Addie Folsom get her life back on track—and, if the right moment strikes, help her find love. Posing as a teacher at a local college in Tacoma, Washington, Harry is up to the task, but not even he can predict the surprises that lay in store.

After trying to make it on her own, Addie has returned home to Tacoma for the holidays, but this time she plans to stay for good, enrolling in the local community college to earn her degree. What she doesn’t plan to do is run into Erich Simmons.

Addie and her next-door neighbor, Erich, are like night and day. Growing up, he was popular and outgoing while she was rebellious and headstrong, and he never missed an opportunity to tease her. Now she intends to avoid him entirely, yet when they’re suddenly forced to spend Christmas together, Addie braces for trouble.

Perhaps it’s the spirit of the season or the magic of mistletoe, but Addie and Erich soon find they have more in common than they thought—and that two people who seem so wrong for each other may actually be just right. With a little prompting from a certain angelic teacher, the two are in for a holiday miracle they’ll never forget.

My Thoughts: How does an angel help a human get a second chance in life? This book sounded a lot like It's a Wonderful Life because of the theme and because it involved angels. With that in mind, I started listening to this audio expecting it to be a sweet and fluffy story. I was not disappointed.

The story and characters were pretty simple but enjoyable. The plot gave the feeling of what Christmas should be about: love, happiness, and second chances. The characters were not delve into as much as I would have liked, but enough was said to give a sense of who each character was. I really enjoyed the angel Harry. It was entertaining to listen to angels trying to help out humans by finding ways in making them happy, even if these angels got in trouble. What I liked best about this book was how the author broke down some stereotypes. Danny, the ex-convict, had a good heart who wanted to change his life for the better by attending a literature class. There was also a Latina cook who sneaked into the school, even though it was forbidden to do so, just to eavesdrop on Harry's lessons on literature. Her character proved that even though she was an immigrant, she was eager to learn and educate herself to have a better future. As much as I enjoyed the minor characters, I would have liked Addie's and Erich's characters to be further developed, especially their past. Their part in the story made me question why there was so much strife between them before Erich's accident. 

Next, the narrator of this audio, Elyse Mirto, was different from the other Debbie Macomber audio I listened to the other day. Ms. Mirto too did a wonderful job. She gave the right emotions when reading the different parts in the story and was able to bring all the characters come to life with her expressions. She was able to read the story smoothly and kept me engaged the whole time. Elyse Mirto was an enjoyable narrator.

Overall, this was a great production of a fluffy Christmas story. It was sweet and cute that caused me to smile. This is a fun read for the holidays. I rate it:

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