Friday, December 25, 2015

How the In-Laws Wrecked Christmas by Fiona Gibson,204,203,200_.jpgA funny, festive short story from bestseller Fiona Gibson. Just the thing to curl up with on a cold winter night.

Christmas in the country. What could be better? All you need is one country house, one gorgeous boyfriend and a liberal dusting of snow. Right?

That’s what Anna thinks and she can’t wait for the festivities to start. But then she meets her gorgeous boyfriend’s awful parents. And their drunk friends. And she starts to hear all about a certain ex-wife. Suddenly this doesn’t look like a very merry Christmas after all…

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My Thoughts:
Meeting your in-laws for the first time could be nerve-wracking, especially during the holidays. In this very short story, Anna had to do just that. I was not sure what to expect since I got this book last Christmas and it was until now that I was able to read it. Luckily, I found myself enjoying it even if it wasn't perfect.

In the few pages, there was so much going on with the plot and the characters. It was Christmas time and Anna was visiting her very rich in-laws. The in-laws were used to fine things. The mother-in-law was the most critical one, looking Anna up and down the whole time. The situation that Anna was in was very realistic. I could sense all the characters' feelings by the way the author described their actions. I would have hated to be in Anna's shoes. The ending had a surprising twist as well.

This story could have been longer. It had the perfect problem to cause tension, and it had well-rounded characters. The way things ended made me wish the story continued. In fact, I was stunned at the revelation and had me asking many questions to Anna's predicament. I found myself looking for other books by Fiona Gibson to see if Anna's story continued. Unfortunately, it did not. I guess Anna's future will be left to my imagination.

As a whole, this was a surprising read. I did not expect to be so hooked to the story. I also did not expect the story to be as short as it was. It was not the most heartwarming story but it was very engaging. I rate it:

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