Saturday, March 11, 2017

Mini Reviews: 3 Children's Books

Here is another round of mini reviews for you since I cannot find the time or motivation to write full reviews for each one. I do hope that my brief thoughts can shine a little light on these wonderful books.

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Image result for third grade angelsThird Grade Angels by Jerry Spinelli

This was a cute and super quick story of a boy named Suds. He was entering the third grade, the grade known to be the "Angels." He wanted to be the perfect Angel and wanted to be the first in his class to receive the halo. 

This story focused on what it meant to be nice and helpful to others. Can someone still be considered an angel when no one was there watching you do good deeds? Suds had a difficult time trying to understand this concept, especially when his good friend strived to be the opposite of an angel. I rated this book: 3 stars.
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Fourth Grade Rats by Jerry Spinelli

This was the continuation of Third Grade Angels. Suds was now in the fourth grade and he was no longer an "Angel." He was now a "Rat." Suds hated it. However, Suds always tried to be the best in everything, which meant that he was determined to become the top Rat in his grade. 

This book took a darker tone than the first one. It hit on various identity issues that children go through once their childhood innocence begins to fade away. Though the tone was different with this one, the message at the end was more powerful than the first book. I rate it: 3.5 stars. 

Image result for tonight on the titanicTonight on the Titanic by Mary Pope Osborne

This was my first Magic Tree House book. Jack and Annie were transported to 1912 through their magical tree house. Their mission was to try to find someone to help. 

As short and fast paced as this book was, I have to say that Mary Pope Osborne did a fantastic job in creating the climax. The children were transported right when the tragedy of the Titanic happened. Their goal in trying to save someone and being able to transport back home was nail biting. I give hats off to the author! I rate it: 3.5 stars.

Well, I hope these quick reviews helped encourage some of you to pick up these children's books. Until next time!!


  1. I love Jerry Spinelli's writing! His novelss are fabulous... But I haven't read the one's you've mentioned above. Stargirl, Love, Stargirl, Wringer, and Loser have been my favorite Jerry Spinelli novels to date.

    1. I never heard of these ones too before until I had to read them to a bunch of third graders. They're not my favorite Jerry Spinelli's books but they are cute.