Saturday, February 25, 2017

Mini Reviews: Audiobook and #ShelfLove

So...I've been completely terrible in trying to write my posts, especially reviews, lately. I've read a few books here and there, but for some reason I can't make myself type up what I think of them. I mean, I do try. I have started many posts. In fact, I have six drafts saved up right now but....I can't seem to finish them. I start typing and then, WHAM! I don't want to write anymore after two to three sentences.  Perhaps I have writer's block? Hmmm...

After a few weeks of finishing the following books, I decided to do mini reviews of them instead. I figured, I should at least say something about them before I forget how I feel about them. Well, here goes!

Audiobook: The Haunting of Maddy Clare by Simone St. James

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Read by Pamela Garelick
Duration: 9 hours & 56 minutes

My thoughts: This was a creepy historical fiction ghost story. Sarah Piper received a new job to help out Alastair in documenting a haunting. The ghost of a young girl who commited suicide was haunting a barn. Very strange things kept happening and the activities kept increasing in violence. Sarah quikly learned that something terrible happened to Maddy when she was very young and now Maddy wants revenge. 

This was a gripping story. I felt horrible on what happened to Maddy and I felt so bad that she was not able to rest because of the horrific event. Sarah was a delighted character. This was set in the early 1900s so it was wonderful to see Sarah grow from someone timid to a very passionate woman. The love interest that she had with Michael and the friendship with Alistair was well executed. However, I was more interested in the haunting instead of listening to Sarah's hot evenings with Michael. 

This audio was done well with an awesome reader. I rate it: 4 stars.   

This book counts towards the Audiobook Challenge. 

 2017 Audiobook Challenge 
Enslave by Cathy Yardley  

My Thoughts: This was a modern, erotic retelling of Beauty and the Beast. When her father stole the Rose from the Beast, Nadia sacrificed herself by going with the Dominic in order to protect her family. Dominic was a dangerous man who had suffered a violent attack that left him scarred. Now that he had Nadia, what little else can Dominic do but to turn her into his sex slave?

I had very mixed feelings about this one.  The story started off strong but then it began to weaken for me. The characters were not developed well, and I could not stand Dominic. His brooding was expected, but it turned me off when he began to act like a spoiled kid when Nadia wanted to go see her father. Though the characters were not written well, the sex scenes were. Let's just say that many interesting things happened that had me fanning myself a few times. 

I rate this book: 3 stars.  

This book counts for the #ShelfLove Challenge. 

Shelf Love Challenge 2017

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