Sunday, April 19, 2020

Don't Feel Guilty If You're Not Reading Right Now

Since "Safer at Home" measures started, I made big plans to get back into reading. I even made a nice pile of books that I planned to tackle right away...but...

I barely touched my books these past few days... 

I am remote teaching and I find myself working way more than I was before (and I was already working long hours before). Also, being in front of a screen almost all day really tires out my eyes, which makes reading more difficult. 

So...I was feeling really guilty for not starting on my reading goals. I even cried the other day because I felt like I let myself down. Luckily, I encountered this video on YouTube:

It's good to hear this message: It's okay that you're not reading right now. 

We are all going through different experiences with COVID-19 so it is okay to be simply surviving.

The video also helped me realize that I AM still reading in some way. I started reading Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon. Yes, I read about 2 pages per day, but hey! I am reading! Also, I am listening to audiobooks since my mind can't really focus right now. It's a slow process but I tend to get about 40 minutes of listening a day. So...that's not bad.

I can't beat myself down for not doing things a certain way. As long as my loved ones and I are safe and sound, it is all good!

What did you think about the video? How are you faring lately? 

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