Sunday, September 21, 2014

2014 Las Vegas Bellydance Intensive & Festival

This post is a little late, but oh well :)
I went with a group of fellow dance sisters to Las Vegas' Bellydance Intensive & Festival for the first time early this September. We were not too sure what to expect there but we were excited to go to Vegas, belly dance, and celebrate birthdays.

Over there, I was hoping to squeeze into Aziza's workshop but unfortunately, it was sold out. Instead, I ended up taking Sharon Kihara's class.

I have never taken a tribal class before and I was nervous. I've seen Sharon Kihara perform at the Alice in Wonderland show in the summer, so I knew I liked her dance style. I was just not sure I would find myself feeling comfortable dancing it. However, Sharon was such a sweet and funny person that I found myself enjoying it.

Video from another festival, but this is the routine I saw her dance in Vegas and at Alice in Wonderland.


The rest of the weekend, we were able to attend a show where we got to see Aziza perform (I also bumped into her shopping and took pictures, hehehe) as well as Sharon, took a Reda-style workshop with Sonya of Chicago, and learned an awesome drum solo with Aradia of Las Vegas.

With Aziza

Sonya teaches workshops at the 2014 Las Vegas Belly Dance Intensive & FestivalAradia--Golden Era of Egyptian Dance
There was also a huge "swap meet" of belly dance merchandise outside where the workshops were being held. I ended up walking away with a sword and a new costume.

Though this getaway was belly dance concentrated, we were still able to party and most of all, celebrate my birthday!! Yes, it was my birthday weekend, and the girls really knew how to celebrate.

Of course, I am leaving many details out, but like they say:

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