Thursday, September 25, 2014

The 2014 Jane Eyre Read-Along: Week 1


The 2014 Jane Eyre Read-Along 
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Here are the first week's discussion questions:

What do you know about this novel and its author?
Have you ever read it before, or is this your first reading?
Have you seen any of the TV or movie versions?

I read Jane Eyre over ten years ago in high school. I was in an AP English course and Jane Eyre was on the list of many recommended reads. Not everyone in class picked to read this book, but I'm glad that I did for it became one of my favorite classics.

Honestly, I do not know much about the author or how the novel was created (I might have heard that the Bronte sisters were rivals of Jane Austin. Is this true? I have no idea. I'll have to look this up). All I know is that it was well written and the story was gripping. Though I do wonder if I would feel the same way about Jane Eyre today versus when I was seventeen years old. We'll find out. :)

Now when it comes to adaptations, I've only seen two film versions: 1996 and 2011. 

Huh...they have similar covers.

My favorite was the 1996 version. It did not stay 100% true to the book, but I loved the way Jane was portray in this film. The 2011 film bored me and Jane's character annoyed me. The only positive thing for me about this version was how attractive Mr. Rochester was.

I am looking forward to start re-reading this book. With my busy schedule, I will be listening to the audio. I can't wait to start!


  1. Thanks for joining in the read along Vonnie.

    Interesting that some have mentioned that Charlotte Bronte was a rival of Jane Austin.

    This is my first time reading Jane Eyrie. I was expecting a writer similar to Austin. I am finding that Bronte is very different kind of author. Where Austin found meaning and wisdom in everyday situations, Bronte seems to be more of a big thinker who is looking at the big questions of life.

    1. Sorry for the late reply.

      Yes, Bronte's writing style is very different from Austin's. I enjoy both of them for their uniqueness.

  2. Hey Chica!
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