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Blog Tour Review + Giveaway: Lady Quill Chronicle Books

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TITLE – The Promise (book #1) The Vow (book #2)
SERIES – The Lady Quill Chronicles  
AUTHOR – D.D. Chant  
GENRE – Historical Fiction/romance/adventure/mystery
PUBLICATION DATE – 3rd March 2012 / 28th July 2014  
LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 95.620 words / 108.290 words  
PUBLISHER – Self-Publish  

The Promise Cover
Dear Reader,
I wish to tell you a tale that began with a promise destined to change the lives of many.
When only a child, Lady Adele of Berron lost her family during a dreadful battle and was betrothed to a stranger.
Lord Rafe of Valrek, only a boy himself when the battle of Calis raged, grew to be a feared warrior and trusted advisor to his King. But sadness filled his past and Adele served only to remind him of all he had lost.
However the promise that bound these two together caused great anger to some. What, Dear Reader, happened in those days of treachery and darkness? Incline your ear that I may whisper the secrets that you so desire to hear......
Lady Quill

My Thoughts on The Promise:
Arranged marriages were very common back in the day. The thought of being engaged since the age of two and never having to meet the betrothed was intriguing. I wanted to know how it was going to be played out in this story.

The story and characters were sweet. It was a love story between two characters that slowly blossomed into a beautiful thing. The romance took its time but it was wonderfully unraveled. I liked how it was not an insta-love story and that it was clean. I also enjoyed getting to learn the central characters, especially Rafie. Rafie was adorable. He did not know how to act around women. His innocent behavior made me smile a few times.

As cute and charming this book was, I did struggle to stay focused on it. It was a slow start for me but I was able to get into the story after a few chapters. Even though I began to enjoy the story, I still found myself losing interest here and there. The last few chapters of the book were fascinating though, and I extremely enjoyed how it ended.

As a whole, the first book in the series showed great promise. It was sweet and innocent. Though I did struggle a bit, I was still able to appreciate the story. I rate it:

The Vow - Book Cover
Dear Reader,
My next story begins with Velrek, where Lord Rafe and Lady Adele's arrival was cause for much celebration and rejoicing.
However Finan of Gournay, Rafe's foster brother and the captain of Valreks army, could not help a lingering feeling of worry.
Were Rafe and Adele truly safe from Lord Kyule's hate?
Adding to Finan's problems was the unsettling presence of Rafe's sister, Lady Esme. Used to keeping his distance from the woman of Valrek, Finan found that he could no longer escape as before.
As danger and treachery enveloped Valrek, Finan and Esme found themselves drawn together to fight the shadowy assailant that threatened the lives of those they loved.
What secrets would they unearth in their search for the enemy that taunted them?
Would they find that their stories were more closely linked than either of them ever knew?
Allow me please to answer these questions...
Lady Quill



My sister is a musician and she wrote two custom pieces for both books.
The Promise [youtube]
The Vow: [youtube]


Lady Quill Chronicles - Author PhotoAUTHOR BIO

Hi everyone! My name is Dee Dee, I’m twenty six and I live in a beautiful part of Devon, England with my family. I have a younger sister, Amy who is a brilliant guitar player, some chickens, duck, geese, pheasants, a cat (that adopted us when we moved in!!!) and some Koi.
Broken City is actually my second novel. My first, as my Aunt so delicately put it, was crazy but in my defence I was only sixteen at the time. On the plus side I learnt a lot (or so I hope) and two years later ‘Broken City’ was finished.
I really hope you enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoy writing them.
I love reading and have a kindle: I read almost anything with adventure and romance in it! I also like to cook and wear impractical high heels!!! And as you might have noticed I have a horrible addiction to exclamation marks!!!




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