Monday, September 1, 2014

Dancing August Away

August was a wonderful month for me when it came to dance. I was able to experience many wonderful workshops, shows, and celebrations all surrounding with dance. This month has helped me grow not only as a dancer but as a person as well. So what did I do?

First off, I left for Kansas in the beginning of the month to experience Ahmed Hussien's First Annual Belly Dance Camp presented by Anoush Belly Dance. Yup, that's right. I went to dance camp! :)

Dance camp was held over at Ahmed's Teah Ballroom, which was absolutely stunning!

We had three days of workshops, totaling 12 hours of dance. The first day we had Saidi (cane dance) and drum. The second day was Sha'abi (Egyptian hip hop) and Oriental Tango. And the last day was Oriental (Egyptian dance). They were all very exhausting but absolutely fun!

On day two, we had a Gala Show after the workshop. I was extremely nervous because I had to dance and help run the show. I was responsible for playing the music and making sure the dancers were ready. Luckily, everything worked out fine.

My solo was also a success. It was not perfect for I had hair issues, but it went extremely well. I was able to please the audience and surprise many that this curvy girl could really dance. :D

(Photos courtesy of Majestic Photography)

After coming back, I had a private show for the Red Hat Society. All I have to say is, these women in the society are hilarious and quirky!!!

Vonnie, Anoush, Luna

 Then we were splendidly surprised that our master dance coach, Ahmed Hussien, came down to California. We were able to have a three hour master class to continue learning the Oriental from Kansas. I also had the privilege to have two hours of private with him to develop my next solo, and have a two hour semi-private to work on technique.

Ahmed & Vonnie

The month ended with birthday celebrations over at Golden Nights. Dancers were able to get together to relax and dance to live Lebanese music. It was such an enjoyable night!

Though I could go more into detail as to everything that I experienced, I feel that stating the general is best to share with you guys. I just wanted to express a side of me that is very important. I especially want to state that I have become a more confident woman that I hope will continue inspire me in life, and it would hopefully show in my blog posts.

I hope you have all enjoyed my little spill of my dancer's life.

Happy Reading!!!



  1. Oh I love it when you put your dance pics on here!
    I think Dance is very important, I think all forms of the arts is very important! I think its great that you get to do this!

    I love the pic of you with the scarf in front, that picture is beautiful. You are such a pretty girl, I wish I could get to see you dance first hand... maybe some day????

    1. Thank you, Wendy.

      I replied to you a long time ago but I don't see my comment. Hmmm...I wonder if I ever pushed the "publish" button?