Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy Accidents by Jane Lynch (audiobook)

Read by Jane Lynch
Synopsis: You might know Jane Lynch as the cheerleading coach everyone loves to hate on Glee, the intense lesbian dog-trainer in Best in Show, or the store manager offering to deflower Steve Carell in The 40-Year-Old Virgin. But before that, she was just a teenager in Dolton, Illinois, with a dream to be an actress.
Here, Lynch looks back on her often-bumpy journey to success with humor and candor. All of her experiences—from moving back in with her parents at twenty-five to struggling with anxiety to selling flea collars on a home-shopping network—have made her, and her characters, stronger, wiser, and more hilarious.
Today, Lynch has found the contentment she never thought she’d have, finally embracing her sexuality, finding love, and accepting herself. Part comic memoir, part inspirational narrative, this is a book for Glee fans and anyone who needs a new perspective on life, love, and success.
My thoughts: This was a fun and very entertaining audiobook. I have seen Jane Lynch in different movies and I always thought her to be strange yet funny. When I saw this audio available at my library, I wanted to give it a try to learn more about Jane. I'm glad that I did.
Happy Accidents is a memoir of Jane's life growing up all the way to the present (2012). We come to learn what a fun family she came from, her insecurities about herself, when she realizes she were a gay and tried to hide it, how a big of a b*tch she was, and her marriage to Laura and becoming a new mom. I did not know much about her before this but this memoir helped me learn the type of person she is. I enjoyed listening her tell the stories of her childhood and how much she feared about being acknowledge as being gay. This audio makes me appreciate her even more and makes me want to see Glee (yeah, I know...I haven't seen it yet).
My thoughts of the performance: Jane Lynch reads her own book and it was great! You are able to hear the emphasis in her voice to know what things were really important to her and how she really felt about certain events. She was also able to make the punch lines sound hilarious. I think that it was wonderful that she got to read her own work.
I really enjoyed listening to this audio. This would receive a higher rating but there were a few parts that I zoned out through some ramblings. Other than that, I loved listening about Jane's life and learning how she came into the acting business and how she got married. I give this audio:

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