Saturday, January 12, 2013

Know Me Better #4

This is a weekly Meme by Inspired Kathy @ I Am A Reader, Not A Writer. Each week she picks 5 questions from her authors' interview lists and has us answer them :).

This weeks questions are...

Where if your favourite spot to read?
Definitely my bed. There's more room to move around and find myself in awkward positions. 

Are you a fast or slow reader? (you can test your reading speed here)

According to the test, I'm 15% slower than the average person. Hmmm...I'm okay with that. I figure that it all depends on the type of book that I read.

Fanfiction - love it or hate it? Have you ever read/written it?I used to read a lot of Sailor Moon and Phantom of the Opera fanfiction when I was in my teens. Now, it's very rare that I read any. If I do, it's usually Phantom of the Opera.

And no, I don't write fanfiction.

Summer or Winter?

But I do like Winter better than Summer because I like to wear my jackets and scarves, and be able to snuggle in bed to read my books with hot tea.

Truth or Dare?Either...depending on my mood.

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  1. Spring is definitely a good season!
    Thank you for stopping by my post and taking the time to comment ^_^

  2. I'd like spring a whole lot better if it didn't make me sneeze!

    Phantom of the Opera fanfic actually sounds rather interesting. There's a lot you could do with that, as a writer, I mean. A lot of unexplored area.

  3. A cup of hot tea and a book sound perfect! If I'm reading a really good book, then I'll probably get through it quickly, otherwise I think I read at an average speed.

    Thanks for stopping by my post!

  4. Hi! First of all, I have to said that I love your header! I didn't do any test to ''check out'' my reading speed, but I guess it always depend on the book we are reading! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I like to read in bed, but I prefer to read outside on a warm summer afternoon, in the shade, of course.

    Anne@ My Head is Full of Books

  6. Thanks for coming by my blog!
    I read a lot on my bed as well...
    Rivie @ Bookshelf