Sunday, May 26, 2013

What Have I Been Up to This Past Week?

Aye...yes, I'm super tired! I had a very eventful week that had been in the plans for almost a year. For those of you that don't know, I love to belly dance. My wonderful instructor and friend Anoush BellyDance had worked very hard to create a very special weekend workshop for the dance ladies here in the OC area of California. Who did she bring? Well, Ahmed Hussien, a master dancer from Egypt!

Vonnie with Ahmed: We are glistening lol

I first got the chance to experience Ahmed two years ago in San Diego. Anoush and the Taheima Dancers (the troupe I belong to) immediately fell in love with him. He was energetic and full of joy. Though he made us "suffeeeerrr!" we had a ton of fun.

So, we had a weekend workshop that consisted of eight grueling hours of dripping, sweat dancing, an hour semi-private with Ahmed, a last minute two hour class, and a performance. In total, I danced about twelve hours this past week.

 The Workshop:

Anoush's An Epic Egyptian Fantasy Show:

                                                    Luna                                                      Jaana

                               Khaliya                                                         Vonnie

Overall, I have not danced so much, sweated like a waterfall, cried with pain and laughter at the same time, and danced to live music for the first time before in my life. It was a wonderful experience that I hope that will repeat soon. Now, I must soak my aching muscles, get my hips re-adjusted, and get back to reading...and oh yeah, get some sleep :)


  1. Awesome post Vonnie! I love all the pictures of your dance workshop. Looks like so much fun... but hard work!

  2. That looks like you had the best time! I'm so happy that you got to participate in something that you clearly love so much. I'll have to look into a class in my area, it looks like a great, fun workout too :)

    1. You should! Belly dance burns about 1000-1200 calories per hour.

  3. Wonderful!! You need to chat with my friend Chris Kelly who is on the FB Bibliophile group. She's a belly dancer too from Reno, NV! I wish I could start doing this! Looks like fun!