Sunday, October 27, 2013

Audiobook: The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux

Read by Alexander Adams

Synopsis: A mysterious presence has invaded the Paris Opera, bullying the managers and enthralling a beautiful young prima donna. This famous tale, the basis for the musical, involves ghosts, passion, horror, obsession, and romance. Audie Award finalist.

My Thoughts: This was my second time listening to the Phantom on audio, but the first time with this production. I have read this novel countless of times since I am absolutely obsessed with this story due to the musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Though I know most of this novel by heart, it still surprised me that I learned more with this second run of listening to it.

The plot of the book and the characters had always intrigued me. Here we had a ghost that haunted the opera house and pretty much ran the whole show. It always amazed me to think how much control the phantom had over the people at the opera and how he was able to live a life using these people. Erik the Opera Ghost was the villain in the story yet the reader cannot help but sympathize with him and wish for him to succeed. The hero of the story was Raoul the Vicomte de Chagny. Listening to this story again reminded me how childlike was Raoul. The musical and movies show a different side of him, so it took me by surprise again that Raoul was not as heroic as I thought. Next, there was the Persian. I always enjoyed his character and I wished that he was not omitted out all of other interpretations of this novel because this character was intriguing and he revealed secrets about Erik's past life. Lastly, there was Christine. Christine here was matured for her age and it made me wonder why she even tolerated Raoul, other than he was the light while Erik was her darkness. I could go on and on with this book since I love it so much.

My Thoughts on the Performance: It took me a bit to get used to Alexander Adams voice. He had a great French accent but there were times that I found myself drifting off because of his voice. Halfway into listening though, I was able to focus more and get into the way he told the story. I actually ended up liking his performance at the end of the story.

To sum up, I love this classic and any other interpretation of it. I enjoyed this production of the novel and would like to listen to it again next year. I rate it:

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