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Shadow and Bone Read-Along: Week Three Discussion Questions


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Third Week Discussion Questions
Chapter 13- Chapter 17
Vonnie's Reading Corner


1.       How does Alina change once she let’s go of the past and accepts her power?

Alina becomes a stronger person after she lets go of Mal and lets her power come out to its true nature. Her confidence level rises and she is able to concentrate on her practices. Alina's physical appearance also changes. She is no longer pale with dark circles. The color is back on her skin and she's glowing. She is also getting curves which no longer makes a skinny, frail girl but a voluptuous, strong woman.

2.       Baghra and the Darkling showed an interesting relationship before the reveal. Did you guess that they were mother and son? Explain.

No, I didn't guess that they were mother and son. For some reason I thought perhaps they were siblings because of the way the bickered back and forth. The Darkling didn't treat Baghra with the respect that a mother deserves; he treated her more like an annoying older sister. Now that I think back, there were some things he said and did to Baghra that were absolutely shameful. If I were Baghra, I would whoop him for disrespect.

3.       What are your thoughts on Alina’s and the Darkling’s first kiss? How about the one at the ball?

Okay...I kind of like the Darkling even though he's a villain so when I read the scene in the forest with the first kiss, my mouth dropped. I felt giddy for Alina. I could just imagine how happy she felt about the kiss, especially when the Darkling showed embarrassment and did not take advantage.

Now, the kiss at the ball was steamy. I could feel the tension and attraction between the two characters. As much as I wanted them to keep on kissing, I didn't want it to go any further because Alina was a good girl and deserved to be loved. I also thought that it was very bold of the Darkling to ask Alina if he could come to her room that night; I'm glad Alina hesitated.

4.       Genya is beautiful and lively. Why do you think Genya is attracted to David the Fabrikator?

Genya is an outgoing person and perhaps sees David's shyness and quietness as something she desires in her daily hectic life. He cares about his work and doesn't seem like he gets distracted by pretty girls, which shows to Genya that he would not take advantage of her. Now, the only thing I worry is that David is obsessed about his work that he would not be able to give  Genya the proper attention if they get in a relationship.

5.       Alina waits a long time for her new kefta to arrive. When it does, it is black instead of blue and has a charm representing the Darkling. What does this mean?

This could either mean a good thing or a bad thing. The good thing: the Darkling is putting Alina at his level so that everyone else can see that she's different and deserves the respect that the Darkling receives. The charm symbolizes both characters, which shows that they balance each other out like ying and yang. The bad: this is one way of claiming Alina as his own. By having her wear black, he's telling people that Alina is just like him. Also, the charm can signify that Alina belongs to the Darkling and no one else.

6.       What is the Apparat’s fascination with Alina?

His character makes me scratch my head. I feel like he's able to foresee the future and perhaps knows that Alina is in danger. At the same time though, he appears to be crazy and could only be attracted to Alina because she's new and different. OR...perhaps he sees Alina as the answer to the country's problems and is simply taken by her.

7.       Why did Mal react so coldly to Alina when seeing her again?

This is typical male behavior: they don't know what they have until they lose it. Mal probably didn't have any idea that he had strong feelings for Alina until he saw her wearing the Darkling's color and charm. The jealousy sprang out and his bad side showed even though he hadn't seen Alina for almost a year.

8.       Baghra helps Alina to escape the Little Palace. Why would she help Alina and betray her son?

I'm torn between the true reason why Baghra wanted to help Alina. Was she feeling guilty over the way she raised the Darkling? Is she trying to protect everyone from the Darkling's evil goals? Or is she really the bad guy who is butchering what her son wants? I don't know...I feel more of this will be revealed towards the end of the book or in the second book.

9.       Who is the Black Herectic?

The Black Herectic was the person who created the Fold hundreds of years ago. According to Baghra, the Black Herectic is actually the Darkling, which makes him ancient and evil.

10.   The Volcra were consequences from the Fold. How were they created? What do they symbolize?

The Volcra were created by accident. The immense dark energy from the Fold turned the men, women, and children who lived in that area into these horrible creatures. Because they were not created intentionally, this was the Darkling's punishment for the dark ambitions he had. The Volcra are also stopping the Darkling from continuing forward with his plan to take over, thus he needs Alina's power to get rid of them.

11.   In Chapter 16, Alina has a dream about Baghra having a knife at Alina’s throat and laughing. What can this mean? Is Baghra really trustworthy?

You know, I didn't really trust Baghra even before I read about this dream. I guess I'm still hoping that the Darkling will show some redemption and show that he's a good guy. I could be wrong of course, and perhaps this was just a dream to portray Alina's confusion and to mislead the readers.

12.   Though he is not Grisha, what is Mal’s “power”? How does he help Alina?

Mal is a tracker and he's really good at it. He is able to read all the signs that lead him to animals/people that his tracking. He also has this instinct that leads him to the right direction. Because of this, he was able to locate Alina.

After locating Alina, Mal is able to hide her and lead her away from the Fold. He is able to convince her to look for the stag herself so she doesn't have to be the prey of any other person.

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  1. Hey, Vonnie!

    As always, your answers are very interesting! Although some of them are similar to mine, you do have a slightly different take on the events going on in this novel.

    My opinion of the Darkling is not as favorable as yours because I've already finished the book, so I know he's definitely a villain. But it's undeniable that he's very sexy! Had I been in Alina's place, I, too, would have been dazzled! And Mal has so far not been very exciting, so I agree with you there. On the other hand, he hasn't been around for most of the novel, so that's why we the readers haven't had much of a chance to get to know him. You'll see he's really a great guy! And he DOES love Alina! He just hasn't been able to tell her, the dope!

    More coming later, off to work now!! : )

    1. The Darkling does sound very sexy. That's probably why I'm all ga-ga over him.

      I don't doubt that Mal is a good and that he has feelings for Alina. Just the way he acts has not impressed me. He needs to step it up and stop being dumb.

    2. I posted the comment below before noticing yours....that's because I was looking at a cached version of this page. So now I'll reply to your reply!

      Yes, Mal is a very good guy. Just kinda clueless as to how to show Alina his feelings for her. But believe me, he won't remain clueless for long! And you'll really start to like him! Just keep going, and you'll see!! : )

  2. Well, I'm back! I took the day off today, so I hope to be able to catch up with all my blogging (as well as my reading!) Got up at noon. Ahhh......that's the life!! Lol.

    I think you made a good point when you wrote that "Alina was a good girl and deserved to be loved." Yes, she did! It seemed at first that the Darkling was really in love with her, even though he came on bit too strong the second time he kissed her. I'm disappointed that they won't be a couple....but on the other hand, I'm not. You'll see why at the end of the book.

    By the way, I, too, distrusted Baghra at first. But what possible reason could she have for lying to Alina? I do wish, though, that she had told Alina earlier, before that second kiss with the Darkling. Still, I don't think, rather, I know, that she wasn't lying. Later events proved that she wasn't.

    Great read-along we're having, right? : )

    1. Got up at noon?! Wow, must be nice!! Even on my days off, I can't sleep past 8, 9 if I'm lucky.

      Will you be reading the sequel?