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Shadow and Bone Read-Along: Week Two Discussion Questions


We are now in the second week of the

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Second Week Discussion Questions
Chapter 6- Chapter 12
A Night's Dream of Books

1.)    At the beginning of Chapter 6, Alina wakes up from a nightmare in which she saw a volcra with "gray quartz eyes".  What character in  the book does this creature represent?  Why do you think the author used this image?

It's funny...I don't think I paid much attention to the dream when I first read it. I had to look back and re-read this part in order to answer the question.

After reading it again, the "gray quartz eyes" reminds me of the Darkling. He too has these colored eyes.  Perhaps it's foreshadowing what his character is going to show later on in the book or perhaps it's Alina's mixed feelings towards him that are being portrayed. I guess I'll find out more as I keep reading.
2.)   Who is Genya, and what type of Grisha is she?

Genya is a Tailor Grisha who can make people appear more beautiful just by touching them. She lives and works in the Little Palace, and is the personal help of the Queen, who seeks Genya's attention constantly.

Genya is described to be very beautiful but she is an outcast from the other Grisha. Though she gets special treatment, she treats Alina with kindness and makes Alina feel welcomed.
3.)   Why does Alina prefer to wear a blue kefia, instead of a black one, as the Darkling had ordered?  Do you agree with her reasons?  Explain.

Alina wanted a blue kefia so she wouldn't stand out and be singled out as someone different. She wanted to be seen as an equal with her group.

I could see why she decided to stay blue, since she never really looked for attention. Wearing black like the Darkling wanted would have just put her at the center of attention and be made to feel that she was constantly watched.
4.)   How would Alina's life have been different if the Grisha Examiners had discovered her talent when she was a child?

She would have immediately been taken away from the orphanage and away from Mal. Alina would have grown up without Mal and perhaps would have become more of an independent, self-assured woman. Her power would have been developed and perhaps would have been the most powerful Grisha around. Alina's fear of being away from Mal has caused her to hide her true self and to feel little confidence.
5.)   What impression do you get of the Darkling's character from his conversation with Alina in Chapter 9? 

The conversation between the Darkling and Alina shows that the Darkling has a kind side. He seems to care about Alina and he's trying to assure her of his intentions. Of course I could be completely wrong about this. The Darkling could be just playing Alina in order to get on her good side and then later on use her or betray her.


Maybe he does like Alina but because he is a dark character, he's not too sure how to show his feelings for her. He's not used to being close to anyone and perhaps his dark side gets in the way. Who knows...
6.)   What do you think of the Apparat?  Does he remind you of any particular figure in history?  If so, who?

The Apparat is a very mysterious figure who doesn't seem to be right in the head, but most likely he is. He is a priest living in the palace who calls himself the spiritual advisor. He shows more quirkiness after he gives Alina a book on saints and keeps warning her that she is in danger.

With that said, the only historical figure that comes to mind that the Apparat resembles is Rasputin. Rasputin too was an advisor who did "magical" things. If the Apparat is based on Rasputin, it makes me wonder whether or not the Apparat will have the same ending as Rasputin had.
7.)   Why is Zoya jealous of Alina?

Zoya is a Grisha who is the best at everything she does and has the constant "love" and attention from everyone. The thought of Alina coming into the picture and taking away some of that attention is filling Zoya with envy. It also didn't help that Alina was able to trip her during practice, which shows that Zoya is not perfect in everything.
8.)   What is an amplifier?  Are amplifiers exclusively inanimate objects?  Give examples.

An amplifier is an object that amplifies a Grisha's powers. In other words, it makes a Grisha's powers easier to call out and makes the power stronger.

Amplifiers could be an inanimate object that is earned by a Grisha such as animal teeth. There are so far only two human amplifiers: the Darkling and Baghra. These two are able to call out other Grisha's powers by just touching them.
9.)   What is Morozova's herd?

According to the text, the Morozova's herd is a herd of white deer. They are believed to be magical and only appear at twilight. Many people think that these deer are fictional, but the Darkling thinks otherwise.
10.)  Why is it so important for the white stag of Morozova's herd to be found?

It is believed that the magic of this white stag to be very powerful. The Darkling wants to track the creature down in order to get the antlers and give it to Alina as amplifiers. Alina has been having a hard time calling out her magic so the Darkling believes by giving Alina the most powerful amplifier would she then be able to call out her magic and be much stronger.
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  1. Hey, Vonnie!

    WOW. Love your answers! You had a slightly different take on some of them than I did, and I think your views are very interesting.

    For instance, in question 1, you stated that perhaps the dream represented Alina's mixed feelings toward the Darkling. You know, I never thought of that!

    I also liked your answer to question 4. You speculated that Alina would have become a self-assured woman, had she started Grisha training as a child. Furthermore, you brought in the point that Ali'na's obsession with Mal is precisely what has held her back. Again, that didn't occur to me. I guess it's because I like Mal, although I must admit, up to now, he's only been a good friend to Alina, as well as sort of a brother.

    Again, your angle on the Darkling's conversation with Alina is interesting. Yes, he does have a kind side, although I suspect he's not really sincere. However, I liked your opinion that perhaps he didn't know quite how to approach her. That kinda softened me up toward him.

    In short, seeing how different readers interpret the same text can be an eye-opening experience! That's the beauty of doing a read-along!

    Thanks for your great answers!! : )

    1. I agree! That's the beauty of doing read-alongs!!! I love being able to listen/read people's opinions on the same books I've read.

      When I read, I try to keep an open mind for all possibilities. That's why I seem to have 2 or 3 answers for one question.

      It's funny because I'm using the skills that we are teaching in our classrooms right now because of the common core standards that have been implemented. We do a lot of rereading of parts, breaking down every other paragraph, and infer. This is perhaps why I have multiple answers.