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Review + Giveaway: The Trap by Andrew Fukuda

ABOUT THE TRAP: From author Andrew Fukuda comes The Trap, the explosive finale to The Hunt trilogy—perfect for fans of The Hunger Games!

After barely escaping the Mission alive, Gene and Sissy face an impossible task: staying alive long enough to stop an entire world bent on their destruction. Bound on a train heading into the unknown with the surviving Mission girls, Gene, Sissy, David, and Epap must stick together and use everything they have to protect each other and their only hope: the cure that will turn the blood-thirsty creatures around them into humans again. Now that they know how to reverse the virus, Gene and Sissy have one final chance to save those they love and create a better life for themselves. But as they struggle to get there, Gene's mission sets him on a crash course with Ashley June, his first love . . . and his deadliest enemy.

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My Thoughts: Oh my goodness! This was the best ending for a trilogy that I've read in years! I was extremely eager and excited to read this last book in the The Hunt Series because I was dying to know how it was all going to end. I am incredibly relieved and awed on how much I loved this book.

Like the first two books, The Trap was full of suspense and action. I found myself to be more observed in the events in this book. My heart was pumping so fast the majority of the time that I had to stop reading a few times and give myself a break. I was becoming anxious and scared for the characters to the point I felt that I was going to have a panic attack ( silly is that?). Of course, I couldn't stay away from reading it because I HAD to know what was going to happen. 

The characters became more developed in this one as well. Yes, there were a few characters from the beginning that didn't make it to the third book, but the ones that did showed growth, especially the main characters. I was not too fond of Gene in the first book, but I began to warm up to him in the second one and absolutely loved him in this third one. He completely changed at the end of the series. Next, Sissy was always a great character and she only became even more awesome in this last book. Not only did her bravery grew, but her weak side was shown allowing the reader to know how "human" she was. I loved her! Another character whose change I was not expecting was Ashley June's. From the second book, I was expecting not to see much of her in the third. Well, I was proven wrong. I'm glad how Andrew Fukuda was able to work her character in the story. 

Now, I have to be honest that I was a bit cautious at first when I began to read this book. The past few trilogies/series that I've completed, the endings have been disappointing especially when it started off really strong. I tried not to have very high hopes with The Trap in fear that I was going to be let down. Surprisingly, I was not. In fact, I was completely stunned when I finished reading it.

This brings me to the twist of this book. I would not reveal what it was due to spoilers, but boy it was a shocker! I was somewhat suspecting this kind of ending was going to happen, but I was still completely surprised of it. All of the questions about the "people" and "hepers" were answered at the end yet at the same time it arose a new set of questions for me. After reading the last words of the book, I found myself just staring at my wall trying to put everything together. I was left speechless.

This was perhaps one of my favorite endings of a series. I loved how involved I was with this book, even though I felt like my heart was going to pop out of my chest. I also loved how much I thought about the book and try to figure things out after finishing it. Like I mentioned before, new questions were raised for me but it only means that I will have to re-read the trilogy again, which I don't have a problem with. The Hunt Series is one my favorite vampire series. I rate it:


Born in Manhattan and raised in Hong Kong, Andrew Fukuda is half-Chinese, half-Japanese. After earning a bachelor’s degree in history from Cornell University, Fukuda worked in Manhattan’s Chinatown with the immigrant teen community. That experience led to the writing of Crossing, his debut novel that was selected by ALA Booklist as an Editor’s Choice, Top Ten First Novel, and Top Ten Crime Novel in 2010. His second novel, The Hunt, the first in a new series, was bought at auction by St. Martin’s Press and will be published in May 2012. Before becoming a full time writer, Fukuda was a criminal prosecutor for seven years. He currently resides on Long Island, New York, with his family.

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    1. Me too! This kind of green is one of my favorite colors. You should see the physical copy :)

  2. I am glad that you enjoyed the book. I have read some disappointing trilogy enders too recently.

  3. Aaha! To The Hunt series. I knew I knew the cover and title. :) I need to get the whole trilogy. It does sound amazing.