Thursday, February 2, 2017

Share-a-Tea January Check-In

I'm a little late to post this, but I did not forget! Share-a-Tea 2017 Reading Challenge is hosted by Becky's Book Reviews. This challenge is not about how many books you read, but actually slowing down. The goal is to sit down and enjoy your read with a nice cup of tea. For this month, the host has posted a few questions for participants:
  • What are you currently reading for the challenge? 
  • Have you finished any books for this challenge this month?
  • Is there a book you're looking forward to starting next month?
  • Want to share any favorite quotes? It could be from your current read. It could be about reading. It could be about drinking tea. 
  • What teas have you enjoyed this month? 
  • Do you have a new favorite tea?
My responses:  
  • I read various books in January (6 in fact) and I am currently reading three books
  • The books that I've read in January can count for the challenge since I drank tea with all of them. The book that I really took my time with and hydrated myself with as much tea as possible was The Martian by Andy Weir. It was a great book (click here for review). Here are some images of drinking tea while reading:

  • I am actually not looking forward to a specific book. I am just looking forward to finding time to read since the semester has started.
  • Quote:

  • I've enjoyed my usual teas but the tea that I drank the most from was chamomile. Though this is not my favorite brand, this is the one that I drank from because my stepdad bought me three boxes of these.

  • My new favorite is a sample that was given to me. Watermelon Green Tea from The Republic of Tea. It was very refreshing even though I drank it hot (I forgot to take a picture of the tea).

Let's see what I'll read and drink in February. :)

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  1. Watermelon green tea sounds really good and refreshing!! Have fun with the Share a Tea Reading Challenge. I love drinking tea too. My favorite at the moment is Traditional Medicinals's Organic Green Tea With Ginger as it is perfect to drink during the cold winter months to warm up. Normally, I am HUGE Jasmine green tea is my favorite. Happy reading!!