Saturday, July 22, 2017

Book dress

So last week, something special arrived. I ordered a dress from Amazon as a gift for myself in becoming a teacher. I did not realize how excited I was until I got the package.

After ripping apart the packing, there was this cute box:

I knew I had to take a picture of it because it was adorable. 

When opening the box, my dress was wrapped in tissue paper. It made my dress even more special seeing how it was delivered to me. 

Once I took out the dress out of its wrappings, I gasped. It was super cute! I immediately tried it on!

It fit perfectly and it was so lightweight. This dress is perfect for summer days. Plus, I can wear it to work!

I wore this dress at a get-together with some of my coworkers the other day and they loved it! I promised them that I will wear this dress on the first day of school. :)

If you want a book dress of your own you can visit Amazon and purchase one yourself. 

Happy reading!!


  1. Wow, what a fabulous find!! Plus, the dress is super cute too! I love how it arrived all gift wrapped to you... It would make opening the package all the more special.

    I want to purchase more book inspired clothing and accessories in the future. I have a pair of leggings with vintage inspired comic book images on them... Plus, socks and a t-shirt for Banned Books Week. But that is a bout it.

    A dress would be a fun addition to add to my collection.

    1. Ooh! You should get the dress! You would love it!!

  2. P. S. I learned that Target has a tee shirt that read 'The Book is Better'.... I so want it!

    1. I was tempted to buy it when I went to Target last night but I ended up buying a Hogwarts t-shirt instead.

    2. I almost bought the Harry Potter Tee shirt at Target too.

  3. Aww you look so cute!

    I love when things come in a pretty box, its like getting two gifts!