Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Little Free Library Adventures #6

Hello readers!

I was in the Santa Ana area and saw that there were seven LFLs. I was hoping to find all of them but, unfortunately, I was only able to visit two because I began to have car problems. But that's okay. I know that I can always go back and try to find the rest on a different day. 

These are the two libraries that I visited:

Santa Ana

This one took me by surprise. This cute library was in an a lot that appeared to have an abandoned house (posters and boards covered the house) and the parking in front of it had a parking meter.  This did not stop me from visiting it though. I just parked in front, turned on my emergency lights (I did not want to pay the meter, lol), and ran to it.  The library had many wonderful books but I only took one:

I then ran back into my car because I noticed the parking patrol down the street. Lol

This next one was located in a very nice neighborhood. The library had two sections: children's and adult's. There was also a bench next to the library inviting readers to sit down and read. The bench had this quote, "A reader lives a thousand lives-- The one who never reads lives but one."

I did not sit down but did take one book. Don't worry. I left many books and goodies behind at both libraries. 

I wanted to visit other LFLs but my car began to have trouble starting. Luckily, it did turn back on so I decided to go back home so I can get a new battery. 

Well, all is good now. 
I hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July!!! 
If you don't celebrate, I hope you have a wonderful reading day!


  1. Ooooo, fun Little Free Library finds... Way to go! I've found had fun finding 5 new to me LFL's in the past month.

    There is a Little Free Library self guided walk in Berkeley, California that I want to do some day.

    Happy 4th of July to you! And happy reading!

    1. Self guided walk? There are that many close together? Wow! If you do it, post your pictures!