Sunday, July 30, 2017

High Summer Readathon 2017 Wrap-up

The High Summer Readathon was hosted by Seasons of Reading. It ran from July 17th to July 30th, and boy...It flew by!

I thought I was going to finish more books than I did since it was a two week readathon, but my personal life was too distracting. I really need to have this sign posted every time I read:

Image result for do not disturb the reader

So what were my goals for this readathon? 


Yup. Plain and simple. After finishing up a two-year program of study filled with textbooks, I was in a reading slump the whole months of May and June. It was so bad that I did not care if I knocked off more than one book. I simply wanted to find my enjoyment for reading again. And guess what? I did! I am so glad that I joined this readathon because it sparked my reading passion again. And no...I was not reading as fast or as much as I used to but hey, I actually read some books!!!

I read 1 physical book, 1 ebook, and 2 audiobooks:

Image result for parent teacher association by jenniferImage result for a kiss to remember teresa

Image result for stargirlImage result for the other einstein

I also participated the Christmas in July Readathon during the last 48 hours of the HSReadathon (I actually participated the last few hours because I forgot about it. Whoops!).

I ended up reading this novella for this portion of the readathon:
Image result for miss kane's christmas

So not bad for getting out of a reading slump, huh? 

How did you guys do?


  1. Looks Like you did very well in the 2017 High Summer Readathon!! You read a lot of books!!

    I want to read The Other Einstein!

    I did pretty well in the 2017 High Summer Readathon. I finished 2 read that I began prior to the readathon, plus started and finished 4 books, and then began another another book that I am 66% into and am hoping top finish soon.

    1. Thank you!

      I listened to the audio of The Other Einstein. It can be slow but it's very interesting. I hope to post my review of it by tonight.

  2. Glad you found the time to chill out and read again!

  3. OH, how did you like Parent Teacher Association? I read that one!

  4. You did great, Vonnie! I'm glad the readathon helped you out of your slump. That Christmas novella looks delightful. Any good?

    Hope to see you for FrightFall. Thanks again for joining us!