Sunday, December 17, 2017

Hello! ~Update~

Hello, peeps! It has been a while since I've been around the book blogging world. If any one of you are still visiting my blog and wondering what has happened to me, well here's an update:

I've been super busy trying to balance my new career life as a resource specialist. I knew this job was not easy but I was not expecting how much it was going to affect me mentally. Do I enjoy my new job? Yes and no. I love my students but I dislike the paperwork. In fact, I am head over heels with paperwork that I don't have that much time to teach. I rely heavily on my substitute and my instructional aide to hold the fort for me, especially when I go to meetings. 

It has been a challenge. I have not had the chance to read, hike, or dance. Sometimes I feel like I have lost my true self as I keep traveling on this new journey of my life. I know the first year of teaching is tough, but I have a feeling that my workload will not lessen for a while. I just pray that with time, I would be able to balance it better. 

However, I am truly blessed. I have very supportive people around me. They remind me every day that I am not alone and they do their best to try to help me out. 

Now that we are on winter break, I am highly looking forward to getting some of my old life back. I miss reading, blogging, hiking, and dancing. My goal is to up my game in these departments before going back to work. So keep a look out for new posts in the next few weeks!

Happy reading!!!


  1. I was just thinking about you recently and wondering how you were doing!! I figured you were busy with your new career.

    Glad to see you back online and hope you will be able to add reading, blogging, hiking, and dancing back into your life again soon regularly.

    Have a wonderful holiday season!!

    1. Thanks!!! I have promised myself that I cannot lose myself in this new career. And guess what? I am reading! Woo hoo!!!

      You have a wonderful holiday as well. :)