Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Atlas Shrugged in 3 Minutes

How many of you have read Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged? Well, I haven't.

I didn't have a great experience with this book. I tried to read it back in high school. My comprehension skills were not great back then so when I opened up the first page, I was immediately faced with a challenge: I did not comprehend what the first page was talking about. I tried to read the next ten pages and I found myself struggling. I even went back a couple of times to re-read it but it did not help. I felt completely dumb and frustrated. The massive size of the book did not help either. So, I gave up.

Though I did not have a great experience trying to read Atlas Shrugged, I have always been curious on what the book was about. Luckily, a man named Jack Collins created a talented video depicting this whole book under three minutes. Yup, three minutes! Now I know what the book is about :D

In the video, I liked how Jack was able to narrow down the main points of the book under a few minutes. They were brief but were enough to let me know what was going on. It was also very clear as to who were the characters and what the problem in the story was. My favorite aspect about the video was the drawings. The drawings kept me hooked and it helped me understand the book better.
So I invite you guys to check out Jack Collins' video. It's worth the watch!! (Just click on the title below)
Make sure you come back to share your thoughts on it :)

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