Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Hops, 7/25/13

This hop is hosted by Billy over at Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer. Every week participants answer a question and then visit other blogs participating. The purpose of the hop is to give bloggers the chance to meet new bloggers, get to know one another better, and get new followers. This week's question is:

How do you organize your books to be read?

A: Let's see...I put my books for review on my Nook. Book-of-the-months over at Bibliophile I either find in my pile and/or get them from the library and set them on my nightstand, books that I plan to read for challenges and/or books that I really hope to get to are on a pile on the floor next to my nightstand. The rest of my books are on my shelves and on the floor in front of the shelves waiting for my attention.

My current reads are always in my purse, on top of my bed, or next to me wherever I am sitting.

Book Beginnings on Friday is hosted by Rose City Reader and The Friday 56 is hosted at Freda's Voice.

Catalyst by Marc Johnson

The beginning: "The darkness spilled into the world, waiting to engulf, waiting to consume, waiting to fulfill its purpose. The light, though weak, was there to stop it as it always was--as it always would be. The battle had gone on since the beginning."
Page 56: "You've already learned that emotions can be tied to a wizard's power. That's how you saved the princess. That's how your power manifested."

This was an entertaining read. Come check out my review and the author's interview. You can also enter the giveaway for the chance to win this book below.

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  1. I also usually have my most recent read with me, unless it's a big heavy hardcover! But I'm not as organised as you for the rest ;) I joined the giveaway, I love books with wizards! Thanks for sharing, I hope you have a good weekend!
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    Juli @ Universe in Words

  2. Simple way to organize.

    I use an Excel spreadsheet to keep my books in the order I need to read them.

    Stop by for my full, organized answer if you like. :)

    Happy Hopping!!

    Silver's Reviews
    My Blog Hop Answer

  3. Great cover and opening lines! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. Sounds like an interesting story. I like the cover too. Happy reading!

  5. Starting a book with the battle between good and evil will always catch your attention!

    Thanks for participating in Books Beginnings on Fridays!

    Rose City Reader

  6. Hi Vonnie,

    Although this is probably a book that wouldn't be for me unless it was a specific author review request, those first few lines are very descriptive and powerful and if I didn't know anything else about the story, would probably make me want to read on.

    I so prefer the cover image you have used in your post, over that which is shown on your 'Shelfari' sidebar.

    Enjoy the book and have a great weekend,


    1. The beautiful cover is for the print version of the book. The plain one is for the ebook one.

  7. Great excerpts! And I love that cover...thanks for sharing.


  8. Sounds like an interesting and action-packed read!

  9. My TBR pile is mainly on some shelves unless they are in progress - then they can be anywhere in the house! :)

  10. What a great start to a book - I wonder who is going to win the battle? Great choice.

  11. Vonnie I love how your books are EVERYWHERE LOL

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  12. Great beginning. Like the sound of it!!

    Here is my post

  13. Hey, Vonnie!

    You have a very interesting and unique way of organizing your future reads! It's kind of methodical, in a way, and yet not. Lol. I love the fact that you always have books around you. How nice! I feel so blissful when I'm surrounded by books....the REAL thing, not the digital kind!

    The beginning of "Catalyst" just FLOORED me!! Oh. My. Gosh. I've GOT to get my hands on this book!! That prose style is just BEAUTIFUL. And that cover! Oh, that cover!!! I think I might showcase it on my "Shelf Candy Saturday" feature next week. I LOVE it!!!

    Of course, I'm entering the giveaway! But if I don't happen to win this book, I'm buying it for sure!!

    Thanks so much for sharing!! : )

  14. Great opening to Catalyst! The premise sounds very interesting, I will have to check it out on GoodReads. Thanks for hosting this lovely giveaway :)

    Thanks also for dropping by my blog, I'm a little late but I hope you had a lovely weekend! :)

    - Lianne @