Monday, January 16, 2017

Little Free Library Adventure #4 has been a while since I have gone on one of these adventures.  I had to take my car to Garden Grove (about 35 minutes from where I live) to the dealer to get its oil change.

I was stuck there for a few hours, so I decided to reward myself by searching for a LFL in Garden Grove. I only found one:

This beautiful library was made out of cedar surrounded by gorgeous foliage. The library was stocked with many great books. The owner, a former English teacher, greeted me and welcomed me to her little library. This was my first time speaking to an owner of a Little Free Library. It took me by surprise but I was delighted to see the excitement that the owner had for her post. It made me appreciate the project even more.

I was able to trade three books for these two: 

I am thrilled to get these because many people have recommended them to me. I guess it was a sign that I finally had to read them. 

I was saddened to learn that this LFL was the only one in Garden Grove. However, Cypress was next door and it had many stops. I decided to visit the one closest to my location and on my way back home. This was what I found:

Isn't this one super cute?! It was so adorable! It had a kid and adult section. It also contained a small journal for visitors to leave any notes for the owners, so I left a little message. 

I ended up leaving three books and an audio. I grabbed this book:

So excited for this one!!! I have the sequel to this book but not this one. Christopher Moore is one of my favorite authors. I feel lucky that I found it.

Well, that was my adventure. I hope to do more in 2017. :)

For any information on these libraries, you may visit the Little Free Library website. 

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  1. Awesome, that's so cool you've visited a couple of new to you Little Free Libraries! I haven't been a Little Free Library yet this year, but have a few mapped out that I want to visit.