Monday, January 18, 2016

Afterlife by Douglas Clegg

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Years after the closing of a secret school for gifted children, Julie Hutchinson has terrifying visions that ignite a series of paranormal invasions of her home. Will she -- and her children -- survive the chilling touch of the afterlife? 

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My Thoughts:  I've been trying to find spooky reads for a while. This one sounded very promising. I have read a Douglas Clegg book before and I thought it was creepy. I expected the same kind of vibe from this book. However, I found myself debating how I felt about it for many days.

I was completely intrigued with how the book began. There were various chapters that gave glimpses of horrific acts happening to various people. For example, a girl being buried alive and a man being stabbed to death. These visions of people suffering made me very curious to figure out what was happening. Then the story introduced the main character, Julie. It was soon revealed that Julie was connected to one of these murders: her husband was the man stabbed to death. The chapters then described Julie's depression and grief in trying to cope with the death of her husband. Things began to get confusing and interesting when Julie learned that her husband was connected to the psychic world. As Julie started digging into her husband's past, strange and erotic things began to happen to her when she slept. To be honest, the things that happened to her gave me the chills.

Unfortunately, the the last few chapters where Julie learned the truth began to lose me. The story became very weird and choppy. The explanation as to what was happening did not make sense at all. It all seemed absurd. The way things were well developed in the beginning quickly became rushed in the last few chapters. The ending was a complete disappointment. It had no resolution. I am Not sure if the story continues in a different book but I simply did not like how things ended in this one at all. It almost felt like the author gave up on his story or was simply trying too hard to be creepy. Because of these last few chapters, my feelings towards the book went down dramatically.

In the end, I found myself with a sour taste in my mouth. This book had such great promise. It started off very strong for it had me hooked from page one. It was disappointing to see how the book switch paths and suddenly ended. I read this book:

(4 stars for the beginning and 2 stars for the last few chapters= 3 stars)

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